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Adds a /tribute command in game for tribute management.
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Authors alt228, Sym, wired420
Software type Plugin
Config file <server>_<character>.ini

Maintained Yes and supported
Acknowledgements alt228 for creating this for RedGuides

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This original plugin adds a /tribute command with automatic tribute status management capabilities.


Syntax Description
/tribute {personal | guild} {on| off | favor} | [auto | named | manual | forceoff | show | on | off] Turn personal and guild tribute on or off, or list how much favor is available in each. MQ2TributeManager intercepts this command, allowing automatic tribute based on combat status.


Example from server_charname.ini,


Mode=1 auto - Toggle tribute on or off based on combat state automatically.
Mode=2 forceoff - Toggle tribute off immediately ignoring any remaining time left.
Mode=3 named - Toggle tribute on or off if you (or your group) is facing a named mob.

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