MQ2SpellSearch: A Guide

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Ready-made spell searches for spells lines that improve with level. Copy and paste to variables in your INI, Macro, or LUA program. If any are missing or appear to be in error, please make note of them so they can be followed up on and tested before being adjusted.


Useful conditions are provided to assist with pet toys, modrods, and others. These queries are hand-checked. The caveat is pre level 85 spells may appear to be in a spell line, but be one-off. Effort has been made to mitigate this. If you discover a flaw please make a note of it below the query in question.

Buff: Damage Shield

Very Short term single target damage shield - stacks with coat

${SpellSearch[-cat "utility beneficial" -subcat "Damage Shield" -targettype SINGLE -skill CONJURATION -spa !SPA_FEEDBACK -record last].Name}

Surge line - Short term single target damage shield that also provides spell feedback

${SpellSearch[-cat "utility beneficial" -subcat "Damage Shield" -targettype SINGLE -skill CONJURATION -spa SPA_FEEDBACK -record last].Name}

Long term single target damage shield

${SpellSearch[-cat "utility beneficial" -subcat "Damage Shield" -targettype SINGLE -skill ABJURATION -record last].Name}

Group long-term damage shield

${SpellSearch[-cat "Utility Beneficial" -subcat "Damage Shield" -skill abjuration -targettype GROUP -record last].Name}

PVP Reverse Damage Shield

${SpellSearch[-cat "Utility Beneficial" -subcat "Damage Shield" -targettype PC -record last].Name}

Molten Veil - Stacks with all

${SpellSearch[-cat "Utility Beneficial" -subcat "Combat Innates" -record last].Name}

Buff: Self

Splendrous Guardian

${SpellSearch[-cat Regen -subcat Health/Mana -record last].Name}

Shield of Bronze

${SpellSearch[-cat "HP Buffs" -subcat Shielding -record last].Name}

Shield of Fate

${SpellSearch[-cat "Utility Beneficial" -subcat "Melee Guard" -record last].Name}

Gather Capacity

${SpellSearch[-cat Heals -subcat "Mana Flow" -record last].Name}

Buff: Self - Pet

Arcane Symbiosis

${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat Conversions -record last].Name}

Chaotic Assistance

${SpellSearch[-cat "Utility Beneficial" -subcat Misc -skill abjuration -record last].Name}

Damage: Fire AE and Beam

Fire AE

${SpellSearch[-cat "Direct Damage" -subcat fire -targettype AREA -record last].Name}

Fire Beam AE

${SpellSearch[-cat "Direct Damage" -subcat fire -targettype BEAM -record last].Name}

Damage: Fire - Single Target

Fire Bolt line

${SpellSearch[-cat "Direct Damage" -subcat fire -targettype LOS -reflectable yes -feedbackable yes -numeffectsmin 1 -numeffectsmax 1 -record last].Name}

Blast Line

${SpellSearch[-cat "Direct Damage" -subcat fire -targettype PBAE -record last].Name}

Sands Line

${SpellSearch[-cat "Direct Damage" -subcat fire -targettype SINGLE -reflectable no -record last].Name}

Fickle line

${SpellSearch[-cat "Direct Damage" -subcat Fire -targettype SINGLE -feedbackable yes -reflectable yes -record last].Name}

Highest level Spear

${SpellSearch[-cat "Direct Damage" -subcat Fire -targettype LOS -reflectable no -record last].Name}

Second highest level spear

${SpellSearch[-cat "Direct Damage" -subcat Fire -targettype LOS -reflectable no -reverse -record 2].Name}

Damage: Mage Synergy

Firebound Coalition line

${SpellSearch[-cat "Utility Detrimental" -subcat "Spell Focus" -record last].Name}

Damage: Pet

Strike Of Many line - numeffect varies from 5, 7, and 9

${SpellSearch[-cat "Direct Damage" -subcat Fire -targettype LOS -reflectable yes -feedbackable yes -numeffectsmin 5 -numeffectsmax 9 -record last].Name}

Damage: Summoned

Obliterate the unnatural

${SpellSearch[-cat "Direct Damage" -subcat "Summoned" -record last].Name}


Malo Line

${SpellSearch[-cat "Utility Detrimental" -subcat "Resist Debuffs" -record last].Name}


Air Pet

${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat "Sum: Air" -record last].Name}

Earth Pet

${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat "Sum: Earth" -record last].Name}

Fire pet

${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat "Sum: Fire" -record last].Name}

Water Pet

${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat "Sum: Water" -record last].Name}


${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat Misc -pn monster -record last].Name}

Swarm pets (used with Strike of Many line)

${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat "Sum: Swarm" -targettype SINGLE -record last].Name}

Swarm pets - Remote (used with Strike of Many line)

${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat "Sum: Swarm" -targettype AEFREE -record last].Name}

Pet: Buff

Haste - Burnout Line - Elemental Empathy and Fury favor atk vs str, but its really inconsequential.

${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat "Pet Haste" -record last].Name}

Haste, Heals, and Procs - Dichotomic line - Long recast time, very very short duration

${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat "Pet Haste" -skill ABJURATION -record last].Name}

Increased Movement Rate (akin to Spirit of the Wolf)

${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat "Pet Misc Buffs" -spa SPA_MOVEMENT_RATE -record last].Name}

Iceflame Armor

${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat "Pet Misc Buffs" -record last].Name}

Rathe's Strength

${SpellSearch[-cat "Pet Misc Buffs" -subcat Auras -record last].Name}

Pet: Heal

Pet Heal

${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat Heals -record last].Name}

Pet delayed heal

${SpellSearch[-cat Pet -subcat Delayed -record last].Name}

Pet: Toys

Pet Armor pack

${SpellSearch[-cat "Create Item" -subcat "Summon Armor" -record last].Name}

Pet Heirloom pack

${SpellSearch[-cat "Create Item" -subcat "Summon Focus" -record last].Name}

Pet Muzzle

${SpellSearch[-cat "Create Item" -subcat Misc -pn muzzle -record last].Name}

Pet Visor

${SpellSearch[-cat "Create Item" -subcat Misc -pn visor -record last].Name}

Pet Weapon Pack

${SpellSearch[-cat "Create Item" -subcat "Summon Weapon" -pn armaments -record last].Name}



Pet Toys

Armor Pack Name

${Vars[23].Arg[2, ]}

Heirloom Pack Name

${Vars[24].Arg[2, ]}

Weapon Pack Name

${Vars[25].Arg[2, ]}