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tracks user's buffs
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Authors ChatWithThisName, Sic
Software type Plugin
Config file CWTN/<charactername>_buffs.ini

Maintained Yes without support

🏠Resource (review)

Writes your personal and pet buffs to file that can be queried by other automation.



An Example file:

Buffs=|Shadow of Endurance|Illusion Benefit Greater Jann|Shadow of Firefist|
ShortBuffs=|Cool ShortBuff|
BlockedBuffs=|Uncool Buff of Uncoolness|
PetBuffs=|Pet Haste Buff of Fast Swings|
PetBlockedBuffs=|Pet Illusion of the Home Owner's Association Member|


Q. Will this work across a network?

  • A. Unfortunately, CWTNBuffs is intended for your local computer.

Q. Where does the file get generated and what is it called?

  • A. The file will be generated in your config -> CWTN -> Buffs folder, and named charactername_buffs.ini

Q.What is "WriteBuffsTimer"?

  • A. We keep track of when the buffs were written, and compare against that before we "view" the buffs. If the writebuffstimer is too old, we consider the buff information to be "stale" and we don't buff because there is a high likelihood that the buff information is incorrect.

Q. Commands?

  • A. There are no commands because this is used automatically when the plugin is loaded. There is nothing to adjust or change or setup.

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