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Looting made simple!
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Authors SpecialEd
Software type Lua
Config file Lootly_Loot.ini

Maintained Yes and supported

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Lootly - Automated looting and item distribution that does not suck...usually!

The Lootly lua script allows you to set a number of looting preferences; Keep an item, Keep a number, Keep a number of an item if the looter is of a particular class, keep to Sell, Destroy or Ignore items. The <code/setitem</code command has been enhanced for in-game use (setting Lootly preferences using an in-game hotkey.) The script has built in functionality to Convert from AutoLoot Loot.INI files, and the Lootly configuration files enable; Loot Preferences, Sorting, Raid looting, Selling/Cleanup, Bag exclusion and Log levels to assist with debug, if needed!


Syntax Description
/lootly { [on | off] | [sell [dry]] | [cleanup [dry]] | [set <setting> <#>] | [ini <file>] | [convert <file>] | [log <level>] | [status] | [sort] | [reload] } Lootly commands
/setitem [option] [#] Adds settings for the item on your cursor to Loot.ini, and will react accordingly


Lootly Configuration Files

It is best to configure Lootly settings using the user interface. The /lootly status command will provide a snapshot of the script settings.


Here is an example of the basic Lootly.INI file

[Excluded Bags]

DanNetDelay=150 # a DanNet is required for Lootly to run
DistributeDelay=1 # increase delay if required (multi instances of game running)
Lootini=Lootly_Loot.ini # link to loot configuration file, default Lootly_Loot.ini
NewItemDelay=10 # delay setting related to new items
SaveSlots=3 # number of bag slots to keep free


Example Lootly_Loot.INI file;

Aderirse Bur=Ignore # ignore this item, leave it on npc corpse
Aligned Ore=Keep # keep this item, loot and bag it!
Alkalai Loam=Ignore
Alligator Egg=Ignore
Amulet of the Spiritist=Keep|10 # quest item, keep (will keep for all characters using Lootly)
Anarynn's Lost Gold Locket=Ignore
Ancient Parchment=Ignore
Amorphous Cohort's Boots=Class|1|DRU,MNK,BST # keep # of item for classes specified
Amorphous Cohort's Breastplate=Class|1|DRU,MNK,BST
Amorphous Cohort's Gauntlets=Class|1|DRU,MNK,BST
Amorphous Cohort's Helm=Class|1|DRU,MNK,BST
Amorphous Cohort's Leggings=Class|Class|1|DRU,MNK,BST
Amorphous Cohort's Sleeves=Class|Class|1|DRU,MNK,BST
Amorphous Cohort's Wristguard=Class|2|DRU,MNK,BST

Band of Corporeal Resurgence=Ignore
Barnacle-Studded Bracer=Keep
Battle Fractured Diamond=Keep
Battlebronze Band=Ignore

Cabilisian Diamond=Keep
Cape of Coveted Mana=Ignore
Carnival Prize=Ignore
Cave Lotus Petals=Ignore

Damaged Murkglider Skin=Ignore
Damp Marrow=Ignore
Dark Discordling Tongue=Ignore

...removed middle section [letters] to keep example short...

Ward of Skirmish=Ignore
Watchtower Necromancer Staff=Ignore
Water Elemental Spirit Dust=Ignore



Zombie Flesh=Ignore
Zombie Heart=Ignore
Zombie Skin=Ignore
Zraxthril Forged Axe=Ignore

See also

  • How to auto load lua scripts - learn about CFG files; files which contain commands to be run at certain times in-game (enabling lua scripts to be auto loaded.)