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A timer data type is set in tenths of one second and counts down to zero; starting immediately after being set.

This Data Type is added by core MacroQuest.


Type Member Description
action Expire
int OriginalValue Original value of the timer
Value Current value of the timer
string To String Same as Value


Consider the following timer:

 /declare BuffTimer timer local
 /varset BuffTimer 360

BuffTimer will be equal to 0 in:

  • 360 tenths of 1 second
  • 36 seconds
  • 6 ticks (a tick is 6 seconds)

Timers may also be set with an "s" (seconds) or an "m" (minutes) appended to the value. For example:

/varset BuffTimer 360s

This would set the timer to 3600 (360*10) tenths of 1 second

 /varset BuffTimer 360m

This would set the timer to 216000 (360*60*10) tenths of 1 second

sub main
    /declare myTimer timer local 100
    /while ( ${myTimer} ) {
        /echo ${myTimer}
        /delay 10

This would loop while myTimer is above 0

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