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handles data for solvents

This Data Type is added by core MacroQuest.
solventtype is used as a return type by these members:  [ Toggle ]

Page Member Description
augtype Solvent


Type Member Description
int Count
ID Solvent ID
item Item access item type
string Name Returns name of solvent


/echo ${FindItem[Cloth Cap].AugSlot[0].Solvent.Name}

 Output: Class I Augmentation Distiller

/echo ${FindItem[Cloth Cap].AugSlot[0].Solvent.ID}

 Output: 47001

if you dont have the solvent in your inventory: /echo ${FindItem[Cloth Cap].AugSlot[0].Solvent.Item.Name}

 Output: NULL

/echo ${FindItem[Cloth Cap].AugSlot[0].Solvent.Count}

 Output: 0

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