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Syntax Key
Notation Description
Text without brackets or braces Required items
<Text inside angle brackets> Placeholder for which you must supply a value
[Text inside square brackets] Optional items
Vertical bar (|) Separator for mutually exclusive items; choose one
{Text | inside | braces} Set of required items; choose one
Ellipsis () Items that can be repeated
Syntax /spellsearch option1 "search criteria" option2 "search criteria"
Description Allows you to search for spells in the console. Options and criteria are not case sensitive. Enclose criteria in quotes if more than one word. Examples are capitalized for reading clarity. The criteria used to list desired spells can then be copied directly into the TLO method which you can make use of in scripts and LUA. E.g.

/spellsearch Category "Direct Damage" Subcategory "Fire"
gives you a list of spells, and to get the highest level spell using the TLO method, you can then:
/echo ${SpellSearch[Category "Direct Damage" Subcategory "Fire" -Record Last].Name}
You may need to escape the query for LUA:
mq.TLO.SpellSearch('Category \"Direct Damage\" Subcategory \"Fire\" -Record Last').Name();


Category Option Description
Category First level of the gem dropdown list : Category "Direct Damage"
Aliases: -category | cat | -cat
SubCategory Second level of the spell gem dropdown list: SubCategory Fire
Aliases: -subcategory | subcat | -subcat
SubCategory2 Third level of the gem dropdown list. Currently not implemented ingame. Provided in the event it becomes so: SubCategory2 "some thing"
Aliases: -subcategory2 | subcat2 | -subcat2
Spell ID ID of the spell: ID 8515

An integer provided without the option is understood to be the spell id.

Alias: -id
Name Name of the spell. Enclose in quotes if more than 2 words. Returns exact match: Name "Celestial Healing"

Words provided without the option are understood to be the spell name.

Alias: -name
PartialName Partial name of the spell. Returns spells that contain the search word(s): PartialName Spear
Aliases: -partialname | pn | -pn
Filter AltAbility
Feedback Include spells that may feedback: Feedback [yes | true | no | false ]
Alias: -feedback
MinLevel Minimum spell level: MinLevel 85
Alias: -minlevel
MaxLevel Maximum spell level: MaxLevel 100
Alias: -maxlevel
MinRange Minimum spell range: MinRange 50
Alias: -minrange
MaxRange Maximum spell range: MaxRange 200
Alias: -maxrange
Reflect Include spells that may reflect: Reflect [yes | true | no | false ]
Alias: -reflect
Skill Include spells that have a specified skill: Skill Conjuration
Example skills: Abjuration, Fishing, 2H_Slashing
TargetType The target type of the spell: TargetType Single
Console searching displays the target type of each spell. Some examples: Self, Single, Group, Pet, PC, Benefit
View Missing Show only spells you have not memorized: Missing
Alias: -missing
ShowAll Shows spells and ranks you know as well as those you lack: ShowAll
Aliases: -showall | all | -all
WikiTableFormat Output the results in WikiTable format. This is dumped to the console where you can copy and paste elsewhere. The ID is hyperlinked to Magelo.
Alias: -wikitableformat | wtf | -wtf
Other Debug Displays verbose debugging messages.
Alias: -debug


Partial results are provided for brevity.


The results include spells I don't know (ShowAll), otherwise only the spells I do know would be in the list. The flag "Missing" would restrict the results to spells I do not know. Spells you don't know are prefaced with !

/spellsearch Category "Utility Beneficial" Subcategory "Damage Shield" TargetType SINGLE Skill CONJURATION ShowAll

Console Output

Detailed Output

Spell information in all it's gory detail which enables you to refine search criteria.

/spellsearch ID 5492 ShowDetailedOutput

Spell Details


Output was directly pasted into this Wiki. The ID is hyperlinked to Magelo.

/spellsearch Category "Utility Beneficial" Subcategory "Damage Shield" TargetType SINGLE Skill CONJURATION ShowAll WikiTableFormat

5492 68 Pyrilen Skin
6145 70 Ancient: Veil of Pyrilonus
10720 73 Scorching Skin
10721 73 Scorching Skin Rk. II
10722 73 Scorching Skin Rk. III
14694 78 Searing Skin
14695 78 Searing Skin Rk. II
14696 78 Searing Skin Rk. III
18761 83 Torrid Skin
18762 83 Torrid Skin Rk. II
18763 83 Torrid Skin Rk. III
22522 85 Surge of Thaumacretion
22523 85 Surge of Thaumacretion Rk. II
22524 85 Surge of Thaumacretion Rk. III

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