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This command is added by MQ2Spawns

Syntax Key
Notation Description
Text without brackets or braces Required items
<Text inside angle brackets> Placeholder for which you must supply a value
[Text inside square brackets] Optional items
Vertical bar (|) Separator for mutually exclusive items; choose one
{Text | inside | braces} Set of required items; choose one
Ellipsis () Items that can be repeated
Syntax /spawn [option] [setting]
Description Configure settings for the plugin: excluding certain names, toggling timestamps, etc.


Option Description
help displays help text
on|off Turns spawn announcements on and off. If no option is given, /spawn will toggle this setting.
loc toggle spawn location suffix in output
spawnid toggles display of mob spawnid suffix in output
timestamp toggles timestamp prefix in output
autosave toggles autosaving of INI file upon setting change
delay <#> sets zone time delay
log [on|off|auto|setpath <path>] Turns logging on, off, or enables automatic logging. /spawn setpath <path> will set a new location for the log file.
status displays current settings
savebychar toggle saving settings to a server.charname INI section
save|load save or load configuration from the INI
clear clears UI text
min minimizes UI window
font <#> sets UI font size
exclude <"name"> Adds a spawn name to the exclude list. Use quotes if a space is needed.
<toggletype> [spawn | despawn | minlevel <#> | maxlevel <#> | color <FF00FF>] Toggles output of this type of spawn. minlevel and maxlevel limit the level of the type shown. color changes the display color, and can be any RGB hex value. e.g. /spawn pc color 00ff5c
Valid toggle types
all - pc - npc - mount - pet - merc - flyer - campfire - banner - aura - object - untargetable - chest - trap - timer - trigger - corpse - item - unknown


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