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This command is added by MQ2Rewards

Syntax Key
Notation Description
Text without brackets or braces Required items
<Text inside angle brackets> Placeholder for which you must supply a value
[Text inside square brackets] Optional items
Vertical bar (|) Separator for mutually exclusive items; choose one
{Text | inside | braces} Set of required items; choose one
Ellipsis () Items that can be repeated
Syntax /mqrewards [help | reward <reward> | option <option> | claim]
Description Allows you to select and claim a reward, as well as reference the help text.


Option Description
help displays a list of command option
reward <reward> Opens reward window and selects the specified reward (tab) if exists. May be name (string) or 1-based number Error if no appropriate match found.
option <option> Selects the specified option for the currently selected reward (tab). May be name (string) or 1-based number. Error if no appropriate match found.
claim claims the currently selected reward and option.


  • /rewards reward 3
    • Selects the third reward (tab)
  • /rewards reward "Essence of Dragons"
    • Selects the first reward titled "Essence of Dragons"
  • /rewards option 3
    • Selects the third option in the reward option list.
  • /rewards option "Collection Item Dispenser"
    • Selects the option labeled "Collection Item Dispenser"

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