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This guide is not authorized, endorsed or even sponsored by Sony.  You've reached the Underground.

Make loads of platinum while getting great experience.

You've seen the other platinum guides, "40k plat per day!!!"  or  "100k per hour at level 1!" - the only information they contain is on lengthy, outdated quests that might get you an item that you have to spend hours selling.  Oh, and good luck getting the price they claim it sells for.  One of the most popular guides suggests that you sell a Runed Circlet (a +4 int/wis headpiece) for 500 plat, or that you do an outdated mob-cycle in Trakanon's Teeth.

Our platinum guide does what it says it does - it tells you how to make platinum. You will not have to waste any time waiting for some item to sell to get your money. With the steps in our guide, you will get platinum right away - no boring quests, no hard to sell items - just platinum. Our guide will give details on little-known strategies for getting the most plat for your level while getting experience. All of the tips inside can be done solo or in a group.

Strategies include:

  • How to make coin lighter

  • A list of equipment to help you make more platinum every time you sell

  • How to run a profitable casino with multiple games, even Blackjack (useful hotkeys detailed as well!), including an example which earned us 25k in one day.

  • How to make thousands of platinum at all levels

    bullet (level 20) - 40p an hour plus great experience

    bullet (level 25) - 100p an hour plus great experience

    bullet (level 30) - 300p an hour plus experience

    bullet (level 35) - 150p an hour (must have Planes of Power)

    bullet (level 40+) - 300p an hour plus good experience

    bullet (level 40+) - 400p an hour plus experience

    bullet (level 50+) - 1000p an hour (or more depending on level) plus great experience

    bullet (level 61 - 70) - 2000p to 4000p an hour plus decent experience (Must have Gates of Discord or Omens of War)

  • All of the methods above give you pure platinum, not items that you have to sell to players!

  • Locations for platinum farming that are never over-camped

  • Items camps that are easy, and sell well in the bazaar.

    Other guides become outdated quickly. The items they say sell for thousands of plat really sell for only a hundred. The quests they give sometimes no longer even exist.

    When you purchase our guide, you will also receive free updates. Our team is always researching, always looking for new ways to make more platinum faster.  Once you buy this guide, you will become a member of the Redguides community and have access to the forums which are posted in every single day, so you will never miss a good plat making opportunity.

    At just $5.95, the Underground Platinum Mine is more than worth the money. If you decide to sell your platinum to other players for real U.S dollars, you'll make your money back within the first hours of the first day. Unlike other guides who have a high price for a year's worth of access, our guide is priced low on a montly basis - because we're confident you'll come back the next month for more.

    Bonus: In order to make things easier to navigate we've grouped all of our guides together. What this means is that when you subscribe to any Everquest 1 guide you get access to all of them, which includes:
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