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Thread: Newly botting bard! 110 bard list of songs

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    Newly botting bard! 110 bard list of songs

    Hello all!
    I just started using MQ2 and I was wondering if this will be the best song line up for my 110 bard. I like to focus on buff melodies, bard dps, and crowd control. If anyone has a better suggestion for some of the songs let me know!

    Horthin's Chant of Disease Rk. II.
    Arcane Hymn-100 ( I was told this is excellent for mage pets in the group)
    Travenro's Insult-107
    Wave of Somnolence Rk. II-110
    Slumber of Jembel Rk. II-109
    Qunard's Chant of Flame Rk. II-110
    Second Psalm of Veeshan-108
    Dekloaz's Melodic Binding-109
    War March of Dekloaz-109
    Qunard's Aria Rk. II.-108
    Aria of Begalru Rk. II-106
    Jembel's Lively Crescendo Rk. II-109

    (I also use this as my aura: Aura of Begalru Rk. II)-110
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    Re: Newly botting bard! 110 bard list of songs

    Welcome to RedGuides! There are a ton of really good INIs in Level2 for KissAssist or even AutoBard. Might give the ini's a look to see what others have been using.


    KissAssist INIs:

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    Re: Newly botting bard! 110 bard list of songs

    Gem1=Pulse of Xigam Rk. III
    Gem2=Chorus of Xigam Rk. III
    Gem3=Aria of Begalru Rk. II
    Gem4=War March of Dekloaz Rk. III
    Gem5=Travenro's Song of Suffering Rk. II
    Gem6=Arcane Ballad Rk. II
    Gem7=Travenro's Spiteful Lyric Rk. II
    Gem8=Travenro's Insult
    Gem9=Sathir's Insult Rk. II
    Gem10=Dichotomic Psalm
    Gem11=Requiem of Time
    Gem12=Slumber of Jembel Rk. II
    Gem13=Wave of Somnolence Rk. II

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    Re: Newly botting bard! 110 bard list of songs

    even after the Psalm nerf?

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    Re: Newly botting bard! 110 bard list of songs

    I let autobard play my bard as I am super duper lazy lol

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    Re: Newly botting bard! 110 bard list of songs

    - Normal melody:

    /melody 1 2 3 4 1 5 2 3 1 4 5 2 1 3 4 5 7 1 2 10

    - A Tune Stuck In Your Head melody:

    /melody 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 7 3 4 5 1 10

    - Burn melody (2 nukes - also need A Tune...):

    /melody 8 9 1 8 9 2 8 9 1 8 9 3

    - Slow burn melody (only 1 nuke, maximizes ADPS):

    /melody 8 1 2 8 3 4 8 1 5 8 2 3 8 1 4 8 5 2 8 1 10

    Why you should have a fancy/long melody key:

    Most bard songs last 18 seconds with the Extended Ingenuity AA. A few (reference), do not - mainly Aria, Accelerando, and Harmony of Tone. Aria is our most important and highest ADPS song. Since our other songs have a longer duration, it is worth the effort of a complicated melody key to keep Aria up while maximizing the number of songs we can play. It is a huge mistake to make a simple /melody 1 2 3 4 5 key and let Aria drop every 12 seconds (this lowers you to 80% uptime - think of it as a 20% loss in ADPS). Similarly, it's silly to just do /melody 1 2 3 4 when you can add another song. The small amount of work it takes to make a long melody key is well worth the result (getting to play an extra song). It requires 0 effort beyond making the hotkey once.

    Long reuse songs (Crescendo, Dichotomic) have a big benefit and should be included in your melody. Crescendo adds ~500 mana and 50 endurance regen, while Dichotomic adds ~200 mana and 30 endurance regen.

    When to use different melodies:

    Normal melody = when A Tune.. isn't up, or when you're saving it for something.

    Burn melody = Short-ish boss fight
    For the burn melodies, I only use the 2 nuke burn (this is the high DPS one) on fairly short events that I'm certain we'll win. The drawback of using two nukes in a melody is you can only really play 2.5 ADPS songs for your group. The 1 nuke burn melody is reasonably good DPS while still letting you play 5 ADPS songs.

    The best songs for your group:

    It varies by group makeup and raid event. There are a few things I'll point out about our different songs:
    - Aria is by far the best ADPS song we have - the only time I wouldn't use it is in a tank group, where the overhaste aura suffices.
    - Aria and the overhaste aura stack, so in melee DPS groups (and caster groups where mana regen won't help) you should be using both Aria and the overhaste aura.
    - Beyond Aria, most ADPS songs are relatively low return. In order of ADPS (roughly):
    War March > Song of Suffering > Arcane Melody > Nilsara's Aria / Fatesong / Potency
    - The ADPS from the spell damage bonus songs is so small, I almost never play them.

    - - - Updated - - -

    one note. If you can get in on a raid in HOT and pick up the rank 3 spell component for level 87. I still use it and I have flute from Lower Valley.
    [25991/1306] Dirge of Dreams Rk. III
    Classes: BRD/87
    Skill: Wind, Max Focus: 320%
    Mana: 1
    Target: Target Group
    AE Range: 75'
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 3s, Recast: 8.75s
    Duration: 12s+ (2 ticks) Song, Dispelable: Yes
    2: Absorb Melee Damage: 9%, Total: 2071
    3: Absorb Spell Damage: 9%, Total: 2071
    4: Increase Base Stats by 14

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    Re: Newly botting bard! 110 bard list of songs

    Nice break down Dobber!

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    Re: Newly botting bard! 110 bard list of songs

    As someone who played a bard as a main for many years I don’t necessarily like the long melody route. Issue is bards will likely be doing other stuff in addition to having melody on, including things like mezzing, snaring, pulling/debuffing, etc. This means you’ll likely never get to the end of your stupid long melody and songs like psalm and crescendo will never get played.

    Don’t be a lazy bard. That is all.

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    Re: Newly botting bard! 110 bard list of songs

    Excellent write up by Dobber123. I KA bot a bard in various group setups and re-wrote this song guide from a 105 Bard ini post I did awhile back. (Earlier post on 105 songs)

    Good all around 110 buff songs, all info for Rank I versions.

    • Aria of Begalru - 25% Melee overhaste + 45% spells dmg boost, +40% triple atk, +6% flurry and +35% pet flurry. Best ADPS song, always run.
    • Arcane Ballad - Adds a 600 DD proc melee hits and 1300 for spell casts
    • Dichotomic Psalm - Boost of hp/mana/end regen, +7000 after-crit spells and +1800 melee hits. Drains the bard and has long cooldown, not for twist, more for Burn or recovery.
    • Slumber of Jembel & Wave of Somnolence - Your single/ae mez.
    • (Slow) - Requiem of Time (long slow) or Shardstubble's Assonant Binding (slow+debuffs)
    • Travenro's Spiteful Lyric - (optional) Tank's best song, Adds big AC and aggro melee proc.
    • Kluzen's Spry Sonata - (optional) Tank's 2nd best song, Adds more AC + 15% spell resist chance, reduces DS dmg taken
    • Pulse of Xigam - (optional) Group mana/end regen and 12% boost for healing spells.
    • Jembel's Lively Crescendo - (optional) Pulse regen with long recast, use as Buff or write a longer twist
    • Insults - (optional) If you have the Troubador's Synergy AA, these bard nukes will give the group a 36k/45k DD proc on their next spell/ability.

    Auras & Echos - Pick one, more regen or permanent spell boost/over-haste. Begalru is better for most setups as it gives better +flurry than the song, unless downtime is slowing your kill rate. The overhaste aura will land on swarm pets. Auras follow bard, echos stay where you cast them.

    • Aura of Begalru - 25% Melee overhaste + 31% spells dmg boost, 25% triple atk, 22% flurry and 28% pet flurry.
    • Echo of Begalru - 25% Melee overhaste + 31% spells dmg boost, 25% triple atk, 22% flurry and 28% pet flurry. (Stationary)
    • Aura of Xigam - hp/mana/end regen, stacks with other regens
    • Echo of Xigam - hp/mana/end regen, stacks with other regens (Stationary)

    For melee

    • War March of Dekloaz - 60% haste, STR/ATK/DS, adds 41% to min melee dmg, 5% to skill dmg.
    • War Chorus of Protan (lvl 96 raid AE buff) - 59% haste, STR/ATK/DS, adds 26% to min melee dmg, 2% to skill dmg (for multi-group setups)
    • Travenro's Song of Suffering - 9k DD & -2k hate proc to melee strikes
    • Endur regen - (optional) Twist in melee if needed for chainpulling: Pulse of Xigam & Chorus of Xigam

    For caster groups - The DD procs are all after crit, so they don't add as much as melee boosts

    • Fatesong of Dekloaz - Adds 2523 DD proc to Cold nukes
    • Akett's Psalm of Potency - Adds 1779 dmg to Magic/Fire dots
    • Qunard's Aria - Adds 1802 DD proc to Fire nukes
    • Shardstubble's Assonant Binding - (optional) Slows/snares mob but also adds +143 to incoming nukes before crit
    • Chants - (optional) These are bard "dots" that reduce the mobs resist to one type of nuke.

    For tanking group - Max stacking AC

    • Travenro's Spiteful Lyric - Tank's best song, Adds big AC and aggro melee proc.
    • Kluzen's Spry Sonata - Tank's 2nd best song, Adds more AC + 15% spell resist chance, reduces DS dmg taken
    • Second Psalm of Veeshan - (optional) Tanks 3rd song, Adds a little more AC + DS
    • Dirge of Dreams (lvl 87) - (optional) Group rune for 1626 dmg

    Healing boosts

    • Rigelon's Reckless Renewal - +25% chance to crit heals & heals-over-time
    • Pulse of Xigam - +12% to heals before crit + hp/mana/end regen
    • Atoning Accelerando - (costs mana) Decrease heal spell recast timers by 2 secs, -28% hate for heal spells

    Stackable mana/end regen - Good for downtime twist, per tic regen.

    • 730hp/183mana/19end - Aura of Xigam - Pulse regen aura
    • 202hp/141mana/18end - Pulse of Xigam - Group regen (Best regen if you are only running one song)
    • 175hp/153mana/12end - Chorus of Xigam - AE raid regen
    • 392hp/188mana/17end - Jembel's Lively Crescendo - Pulse buff of 1962hp/942mana/87end every 30 secs.
    • 390hp/183mana/26end - Dichotomic Psalm - (costs 6k endur) Pulse buff of 3908hp/1835mana/267end on 1 min recast.

    More regen

    • Reflexive Rejoinder - Skill, 10 min reuse - Atks current target and gives 13k mana to group
    • Rally Call/Solo - AA's I find are best for rez recovery, but can be used in downtime for quick boost to one toon. Solo is only regen that helps the Bard. Both share the same 10 min timer, so one or the other can be cast.
    • Rallying Call - Costs 15k mana/end to give 6000mana/1000end regen (30 secs) to another player. If they attack, regen ends.
    • Rallying Solo - Self buff of 6000mana/1000end regen (30 secs. ) If they attack, regen ends.

    I'm still learning about singing/instrument modifiers, but you get 2.6 mods (+260% effect) for all types from your EoK/RoS full armor set. There are instruments or raid armors for up to 3.5 mods (+350% effect) which caps your mod. However, "bard math" means you can't just multiply effects. Songs handle mods differently, so you have to test each one to see how it works.

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    Re: Newly botting bard! 110 bard list of songs

    You need to include and use your bellow/shout AA's. It's a large part of bard dps now. Bellow and VG dots stack on target and you can cycle between them. Only use VG shout if AE dps is considered ok. Let the dots from the shouts fade and they explode for massive damage, then reapply the shout etc..

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    Thanks for the links!!😊

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks !WOW superior writeup!
    Yeah i like to still play my bard as a main, not just a autobard.👍👍

    - - - Updated - - -

    Amazing feedback all! @ Mcarpe is there a particular order you use Bellow + VG dots plus Shout. TBPH to be perfectly honest I've been very shy about using shout in grouping, it sounds so bard aggro aggresive. But I do want to optimize my dps!

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