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Thread: MQ2Nav - NavMesh's

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    MQ2Nav - NavMesh's

    All the Meshes I have done so far. I've moved my MQ2 to dropbox so that I can keep my meshes synced with my dropbox. That means my meshes will always stay up to date, including new ones I add. Dropbox seemed like a likely candidate for storage because it saves space on the server here, and allows me to keep things synced.

    Want to donate?

    Want to help me earn free space on dropbox?

    Goto the link and sign up. I get 500mb of space for everyone that creates a free account and installs the program on their computer to keep their files synced!

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    Re: MQ2Nav - NavMesh's

    Iceclad Ocean
    Western Plains of Karana (normal)
    Southern Plains of Karana
    Lake Rathetear (Includes water volume)
    Western Wastes
    Siren's Grotto (not that it's very useful due to the nature of MQ2Nav not really handling water very well.)
    Temple of Solusek Ro
    Surefall Glades
    Jaggedpine Forest
    Kithicor Forest
    Vegarlson, The Earthen Badlands (poearth)
    Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind (poair)

    Kael Drakkel (Max Climb adjustment to allow traveling from zoneline to zoneline)
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    Re: MQ2Nav - NavMesh's

    Plane of Storms
    Plane of Time A
    Plane of Torment

    Navmesh's are up to 1.83 gigs of data. :-)

    I do try to only generate meshes for zones where I have the objects file. So if a zone is missing, it's likely because I haven't had to go there yet.

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    Re: MQ2Nav - NavMesh's

    Fungal Forest
    Brells Temple
    Lichen Creep

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    Re: MQ2Nav - NavMesh's

    Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life
    Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay
    Crypt of Sul
    Crypt of Decay (TBM Version)

    I was hoping to do more, as I'm knocking out progression for TBM but the wife is forcing me to go grocery shopping :-(
    It's worth mentioning that Sul Vuis zones aren't super helpful nav wise. Quirks to be worked out. I have a lower agent size on decay in hopes to negate some issues, but that means you'll also need to shrink if you're not a shorter class. Currently agent height is set to 2.8 with max climb at 5. That was not the case on Life as I built that one default.

    Please let me know of any issues with these zones so that the mesh can be examined and I can check and see if I can fix it.
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