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Thread: group comp + future grp

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    group comp + future grp

    I am messing around with grp comp atm.

    Anyone know how bad Raid Group exp is? Would it not be worth to have 12 chars grouped and killing together?

    Right now I have;

    109 SK
    106 RNG
    101 MAG
    99 CLR
    97 BRD
    90 BST

    This comp does really well. The BST slows and mana regen have helped soooo much.

    I have a 90 ENC I was thinking of making another grp with. I was thinking of just plvling 5 mag today. I am sure I could get 5 MAG to 75+ today.

    I goal is to farm plat/AA. Not interested in boxing content.

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    Re: group comp + future grp

    ahh raid group exp sucks, also I dont know about the cleric healing a whole other group from out of group so you probably want some kinda healer with the mages.

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    Re: group comp + future grp

    I think raid exp is normal exp, meaning you get no group bonus. You would definitely notice losing the group bonus. This was from 2003 on group exp:

    As of this update, groups now gain 20% to 80% "group bonus" experience for having two to five members.

    Full, six-person, groups now see an additional bonus. Their experience is only divided five ways, yet they still gain the 80% "group bonus." For those who think in terms of pie charts, it amounts to a larger piece of a larger pie.

    So for a 12man raid, it would feel like the same mobs are giving you about 20-25% the exp you've been used to in a 6 toon group.
    Instead of Ench/Mage(x5), try Mage/Ench/Druid/Wiz(x3).

    • Mage pet can be your tank if you decide to split the groups up on different camps (pettank mode.) Malo line adds 10% to magic based nukes. 1 mage doing mod rods is all you need.
    • Enchanter bonus work best with straight nukes, so wizards are a little better than mages. Tash line adds 10% to chromatic nukes.
    • Druid as backup or group healer. Druid's can run an aura that adds fire/ice nuke "procs" to their groups nuke spells and have debuffs for 10% bonus to fire or cold nukes. If you're in a safe situation like a exp grind "raid", you can switch their KA to a nuking version, instead of healing.
    • Wizards are better at mana management than mages overall. My mages are much more likely to cause a med break than my wizards. They also give bonuses to other nuke classes, and 3 would let you use the wizard Alliance on named.

    Plus this adds 4 port classes to your mix, so you can move around much easier. Plus four "teleport to binds" which gives you quick ways to spots that don't have direct ports.

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    Re: group comp + future grp

    build your 12 toons, but play them as 2 separate groups. They can still fight together. No need to raid for pp. I personally, if I am looking for a certain augment for toons in RoS T2 for example will plop 2 full groups in the ph's area and pull away, mind you running one toon while the rest do what they do. I have a /assist key set up on any other group I have with my main group and window to those groups on pull and just hit /assist "the main group puller". This works great. As far as farming platinum, just run your new group separately.

    On another note, get your toons all to max level. Higher the level, the more platinum you will have access to.

    The final note, (insert bard joke here), Enchanter mez is best. I personally like with that enchanter you are thinking of creating a Warrior, Mage just in case and to CoH your crew quickly where you want to go..(running each toon can be time consuming), a wizard for dps and ports/burns, obviously a cleric (or merc if you so desire) and another ranger. Use the ranger for pulls in case you have to fade or punt mobs or Weaponshield out, plus buffs.

    Carry on citizen!

    Oh one more note why not...dont underestimate using mercs to create 3 groups out of 2. Dps from caster mercs is good, and you can get by with a cleric merc if you dont have 3 clerics...this allows you to say, take on a mob you cant one group with the gear you have, but if you have 3 groups its cake!

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    Re: group comp + future grp

    thanks for the info I like to your brains. I have a 90 enc and 2x90 wiz already. Maybe the beginnings of a nice grp comp. Cleric and War would be nice. I don't have a high lvl war, I am assuming they have godly dmg mitigation.

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    Re: group comp + future grp

    Quote Originally Posted by bizmark2 View Post
    thanks for the info I like to your brains.
    I have been away for a few months, but I have to bump this and say that might be cooler than "all your base all belong to us"

    No offense. I know there is a language gap.

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    Re: group comp + future grp

    yikes no language gap. Cali public education is to blame!

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