View Poll Results: Favorite "Ring of Scale" zone so far?

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  • Charasis (aka howling stones)

    10 11.36%
  • Gorowyn

    10 11.36%
  • Sathir's Tomb

    14 15.91%
  • Skyfire Mountains

    3 3.41%
  • The Overthere

    12 13.64%
  • Veeshan's Peak

    10 11.36%
  • where is teh paladin's guild?/

    32 36.36%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Favorite "Ring of Scale" zone so far?

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    Favorite "Ring of Scale" zone so far?

    It's only 1 month old, but what's your favorite RoS zone so far?

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    Re: Favorite "Ring of Scale" zone so far?

    Sathirs tomb.

    Love it.

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    Re: Favorite "Ring of Scale" zone so far?

    Its a toss up for me i enjoy ST for down and dirty xp grind and Vp is aton of fun and good xp as well its hard to pick

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    Re: Favorite "Ring of Scale" zone so far?

    Haven't even setup the desktop, much less purchase RoS for my 18 or so accounts. Not sure I will, either. We'll see, I guess.

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    Re: Favorite "Ring of Scale" zone so far?

    I only made it as far as the Overthere to buy spells, then it was back to EOK to grind AA's.

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    Re: Favorite "Ring of Scale" zone so far?

    I thought Kunark was this massive expansion with grand open zones and crawling dungeons. With this release, I feel like I am stuck in a tiny box with 20 other smelly dudes trying desperately to climb out.

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