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Thread: Interested in trying it out.

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    Interested in trying it out.

    Is there a free option to try the program out? I just recently got back into EQ and would like to try running my own group.\

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    Re: Interested in trying it out.

    There sort of is because you asked nicely.

    I'll donate you a free month to get in and try it out. It will probably take a day or two for your access to be set up.

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    Re: Interested in trying it out.

    Thanks, I'm testing it out now. I've been running isboxer for a few weeks now and I like it.

    I really wanted this for the /stick command. I lowered my rez to 720 to keep /follow working 100%.
    I'm also interested in the -kill flag on casting. *just nuke until it's dead mkay.

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    Re: Interested in trying it out.

    make sure you click "thanks" on other posts / responses. you earn 2 red cents per thanks and need 50 for a monthly sub once yours runs out.

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    Re: Interested in trying it out.

    Oh snap. Sorry I didn't know that.

    I've been up early and late playing EQ lol. It's been 10 years and I have to say I'm right back into it.
    I actually restarted fresh with a new crew. SK/SHM/Bard wiz/wiz and spot for merc cleric/wiz

    I use to run SK Cleric Enc Druid Mage Wiz so this is going to be a big change.

    I'll probably pull with the bard and let the sk KA tank for me. and just chain pull.

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