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Thread: The International 2017

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    The International 2017

    Group Stage Begins in 3 days!

    Although, I really hate the format of group stage, best of 2 games (really should have been best of 3).

    Prize Pool is roughly $23 million this year. Sadly, didn't go up by much probably due to being so many MOBAs/esport games that came out this year, taking a chunk of the market.

    Gonna try to watch the the American teams live if I can or maybe just download the replay if I don't get the time.

    Who else is gonna be watching?

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    Re: The International 2017

    EG vs TNC pro starts in 3 hours.

    EG is one of the American teams.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Stream link:

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    Re: The International 2017

    Main event started , use the stream link to watch!

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    Re: The International 2017

    Semifinals and Finals today 1pm EST.

    Only 1 western team left, both American teams lost early in Main Event

    Rest are chinese.

    If you are new to dota2 use this stream to watch.

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    Re: The International 2017

    Pretty Awesome! Thank you aspire2008.
    Very interesting actually... my girl enjoyed watching too.
    Saw the last two head to head of Team Liquid & LFY and finally saw the last two of the Grand Finally between Team Liquid and Newbee. Was not able to watch all due to errands being required, gotta keep the wife happy too

    + =

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    Re: The International 2017

    The 3 games in the semi-final (Liquid vs LFY.Forever) were awesome those were some of the best games this year. And so glad a western team (Team Liquid) won this year!

    Total prize pool was $24.6 million

    If you want to watch the games, download the dota 2 client from steam and login into dota2 and you can watch all past tournament matches. Dota2 is a f2p game btw.

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