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Thread: Question about Bard Charm. 90% Figured Out

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    Question about Bard Charm. 90% Figured Out

    Hello All,

    I've been using a modified version of the Mez routine to Charm mobs but I currently still have to manually press Pet Attack (not super useful, yet). When I'm able to charm a mob and press attack it's very nice however. Here's what I have so far:

    | Voice is for Charm up to 103, Slumber is for Mez up to 108
    MezSpell=Voice of Silisia Rk. II
    MezAESpell=Wave of Torpor Rk. II|2

    What I'd like to be able to do is have a charm routine mixed in that allows the regular mez stuff to also still work, Charm and Mez, not just Charm or Mez. I see the setup for it looking somewhat like this:

    MezSpell=Slumber of Silisia Rk. II
    CharmSpell=Voice of Silisia Rk. II
    MezAESpell=Wave of Torpor Rk. II|3

    A value for CharmRadius could be defined or MezRadius could be used for both, either would work I imagine.

    Also, another condition would have to be in the loop somewhere to get the charmed mob to attack, it would be something like IF InCombat and PetExist=True, Pet Attack(CombatTarget).

    Has anyone set up something like this and got it to work? I'd really like to see this implemented if possible since the framework for it is already about 95% complete. It would make bards and enchanters much more powerful/useful.

    Thanks for considering it. Please let me know if there's something out there already and I'm just not seeing it.
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