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Thread: MQ2Nav Release Thread

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    Re: MQ2Nav Release Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by XiroFS View Post
    brainiac, thank you for your crazy awesome plugin.

    I was wondering if TBM doorway mesh generation will be fixed in the future?
    I have tried messing with the mesh generator by moving each variable slider one by one and meshing it to test, but seems the doorways are just impossible atm.

    - - - Updated - - -

    After playing around I think I found the culprit to TBM Demiplane map issues.

    This is in Demi Decay:
    Attachment 12505

    I am standing in a "ray of light", but its actually a plane of light, so current mesher thinks its a walkable plane.
    This is probably the same issue for doorways as well, since some of the doorways there are decorations with light emitting from the side of the doorways, thats why when you mesh it, the "ray of light" blocks the path.
    What did you try to attach? It is not working correctly.

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    Re: MQ2Nav Release Thread

    i was wondering, if there is a guide somewhere, that explains the different settings in the mesh generator like super dumbed down so even i can undersstand them.

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    Re: MQ2Nav Release Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Maskoi View Post
    What did you try to attach? It is not working correctly.
    a photo in crypt of decay on the right side where the little houses are very mesh unfriendly.

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    Re: MQ2Nav Release Thread

    Is there anybody willing to set up a dropbox or the like with any valid mesh files that are tested as working?

    Seems like an awful lot of mesh generation is being done but the community could benefit from the hard work of others!

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