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Thread: Starting up again -- Lite version

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    Starting up again -- Lite version

    So I decided to come back because EoK looks really cool (and it seems fun so far), but I don't want to do a whole big group of people this time around. I'm mainly going to play my Necro and I'm thinking that I want to set up a couple of boxes to easymode exp with. Yes I realize I can solo exp with Necro pretty easily, but I just want something I can catch up on AA's without thinking about it too much, maybe something that can easily handle group named in EoK.

    My first instinct is to do Chanter + something, but I'm not quite sure what that something should be. Mage? Cleric? Druid? Tank? Maybe ditch the Chanter and use a Bard for CC instead? What's the current meta? I'd of course be filling out the rest of the group with mercs as the situation demanded, probably 2 wiz and a cleric for normal operations. I have most classes available to me that are at least 100+ (except pally for some reason), so any options are permissible.

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    Re: Starting up again -- Lite version

    Tank, Bard, Necro

    Mercs cleric, rogue, rogue.

    FYI: I like rogue mercs for sustained DPS. Wiz mercs fight too much for aggro on a tank and run out mana.
    I have never see a rogue merc run out endurance

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    Re: Starting up again -- Lite version

    That's interesting. The common wisdom I thought was wiz over merc -- super helpful.

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    Re: Starting up again -- Lite version

    This is based on 3 toons 3 mercs.
    Experiencing with a necro you are going to want longer battles to take advantage of their dots. The necro will never run out of mana.
    A wizard always runs out of mana.
    The bard is for mezzing and increasing DPS and support for the tank and rogues.

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    Re: Starting up again -- Lite version

    not sure why a tank looses agro over a wiz merc, my tanks dont but i only use warriors, 4 groups 3 are auto 1 i play. if i merc it up i burn my mercs and usually wizards for no name fighting, rogues for any hi hp mobs

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    Re: Starting up again -- Lite version

    Necro long dots are hotness -- true -- but in regular groups they do pretty good DPS with swift dots, too. Though if I'm maining a necro, then I'm going to want to do the best I can.

    My tank would be a warrior probably since my best tank is a warrior, so I can try wiz mercs as well since mercs are trivial to change out.

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    Re: Starting up again -- Lite version

    Nec(clr) + War/Shd(meleeDPS)
    I dont have EoK but I hear CC not that great as many things are CC-Immune

    Nec(clr) + War/Shd(meleeDPS) + Bard(meleeDPS)

    Would lean towards SHD for more DPS + the Bard songs that improve DoT would help both.

    If this was not for EoK and just farm whores I have been thinking that Nec+Dru would be sexy with ports/heals/dots

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    Re: Starting up again -- Lite version

    Most mercs are squishy at 105 even with merc gear

    If you leave the wizard mercs in burnmode, they eventually die from aggro. Unless you have some sort of mechanism in place to swap them to balanced between fights or if their aggro gets to high, you may end up losing wizard mercs eventually. Especially if they have procing buffs on them.

    My favorite main is a Necro. I usually drag a pally and shaman along with him. This way I got 2 toons who can root-park as needed, plus the shaman does decent DPS and back up healing, on top of the usual buffs. With this combo I usually use cleric, rogue, rogue mercs, to maximize shaman melee buffs. (that and the rogue mercs can be a gimp tank, along with the necro pet, in a pinch) Have no issues with EoK named so far even with adds, either root-park em or off tank em with pets.

    Though I find SK hold aggro a lot better then pally, which ever tank you prefer ought to work, long as it aint a merc tank =)

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    Re: Starting up again -- Lite version

    The common theme here seems to be a real tank. I've done Nec + Dru before which works fine for trash, but I think I've gotten some good advice on how to step up my game just a little bit. Thanks!

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