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Thread: Chat font size

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    Chat font size

    is there a way to have all chat boxes default to large font size changing every box every times so frustrating....

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    Re: Chat font size

    you could set up a holy/down to the event "welcome to everquest" and have it set chat font size at that time?

    edit: i'm not sure if there is an ini setting for chat size or not.

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    Re: Chat font size

    i only have to set it one time, it saves it for the next time i log in

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    Re: Chat font size

    Are you perchance setting font sizes different per session?

    if you are /q'ing out, it wont save settings properly like "/camp desktop" does

    and... there are 3 types of potential chat boxes so...

    /chatfontsize for EQ
    /mqfont for the MQ window
    /bcfont for EQBC

    to which specifically are we referring to? =)

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    Re: Chat font size

    eq font size i use tell box every new one pops up small

    alsp the entry line doesnt resize with the widow there a fix for that?

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    Re: Chat font size

    To change the font size in a box you have to
    right click on it
    set it as default chat 
    /chatfont 5
    you might try looking in the EQ folder for your toons ini file and see if you can edit it there once you setup all your chat boxes.

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    Re: Chat font size

    I think with tell boxes you are gonna be screwed... as they are "new" boxes every time, and will use default settings. But I am just guessing here, I do not use tell boxes.

    I personally have a window that all incoming chat goes to and leave it at that. (then seperate one for melee/spell, and seperate one fore random/environmental, ect) I do not generally have an issue following along with chats that are all funneled to the same window. And being a "permanent' window, the settings stick.

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    Re: Chat font size

    I noticed a setting called ChatFontSize in the EQClient.ini file the other day. Maybe setting it there will work with tell boxes.

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    Re: Chat font size

    is there a wat to make a event where evert time a chat window pops up it can auto /chatfontsize 10?

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    Re: Chat font size

    well, the cursor would need to be in that window in order that the command to work, not overly sure how you would insure yu are adjusting the correct chat window.

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