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Thread: Levels 1-40 Solo Luclin Cash Making Guide

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    Levels 1-40 Solo Luclin Cash Making Guide

    Hi guys, welcome to my first exclusive Luclin money making guide, catered to the Phinny server. I’ve looked through many resources on cool places to XP, while also getting some money. Note, this guide isn’t the best place to XP and most, if not all, are solo XP spots that I would call Netflix camps (very easy going camps that don’t need much effort.)

    Without further ado, here we are!

    Levels 1-20: Paludal Caverns

    Name:  id7189.png
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Size:  58.2 KB

    Located off of Shadow Haven, Paludal Caverns is a very popular XP spot. With that being said, not all XP spots in Paludal Caverns are frequently visited, such as the Shik`Nars, located in the far Northern part of the zone. Shik`Nars range from level 12-17 and drop stackable Shik`Nar Legs/Wings very frequently, 1.5gp value to merchants, and Shik`Nar eyes rarely, 22p merchant value. For such a low level camp and being very unpopular, you can make tons of money here without much effort. Though you may be able to make money faster at bandits, you’ll often find that you will get a full inventory quickly, be encumbered, and fight many other players for mobs. The Shik`Nars, however, don’t face any of those issues!

    Alternate Teens Zone 15-25: Hollowshade Moor

    Name:  fisherman.png
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    Hollowshade Moor, located off of Shar Vahl, is one of the most unpopulated zones in Luclin. In the South Eastern corner of the zone, you will find a fishing village that, if controlled by Grimlings, will result in a massive amount of money. These low HP mobs that range from level 17-mid 20’s, drop stackable runes that sell anywhere from 1 plat to 5 plat PER rune. Grimlings are seriously the best thing to happen with the introduction to Luclin, they ALWAYS drop runes, and often times 3 times a kill. I’ve gotten 15plat off of many grimlings due to great RNG.

    Levels 20-30: Twilight Sea

    Name:  3.jpg
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    When you realize how big of a cash crop Twilight Sea is, and fairly good xp, you will be blown away. The island you start on after being ported in, is filled with elementals. These elementals normally start off non-kos and after killing there for 10+ hours I never once became KOS. Killing random water, fire, and earth elementals (not sure why SOE didn’t add air eles here,) can spawn named versions of elementals. These elementals, all low-mid 20s, drop very nice ranged items that I’ve personally sold for 8k+; in particular, one of the more sought after ranged is Fetish of the Agile. Due to its rarity, if you were patient, you could probably get multiple krono for this piece.

    Levels 30-40: Grimling Forest

    Name:  4.png
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    A popular theme in this guide is unpopulated camps that yield great cash reward. Grimling Forest is no different! In this zone, starting around level 30, you will find tons of bandit camps. Pick a camp that suits you and start farming! Note, you will need harmony/pacify to make sure to pull singles. These guys are quick respawns, drop fine steel weapons which sell for 5p+, fine steel armor 50p+, and spawn the Courier which drops the Copper Medal of War. I’ve seen Beastlord’s camp this piece for lengthy period of times, so if you get a drop, make sure to auction it in general, auction, and beastlord chat. Chances are you will be able to sell this piece for an EASY 1k. I just sold one last night for around this amount.
    Once you get into high 30’s, you’ll find that the bandits aren’t cutting it on XP, no big deal! Move to the grimlings located near Acrylia Caverns zone line. Find a good spot for you (one great spot is right at the entrance of the caves,) and start pulling Grimlings. Similar to Hollowshade Moor, you will get 2-3 runes per kill, many runes valued at 5pp per drop. This isn’t counting any additional weapons 5p a piece.
    Name:  5.png
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    I've only leveled up to 40 so far, so I hope you enjoy my guide! Please post any additional feedback/suggestions you may have!
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    Re: Levels 1-40 Solo Luclin Cash Making Guide

    I wasn't sure if I was supposed to edit my original post, or do a reply, sorry if this is incorrect.

    Levels 38-42 (Alternate): Jaggedpine Forest

    I had never been to Jaggedpine Forest and was intrigued at what this zone would hold. Located off of Surefall Glade, I found a bandit camp to the far East and after a few hours, got this guy to spawn: Name:  Zed.png
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Size:  30.0 KB

    He dropped a half elf mask, which I auctioned for 2 krono (loot rights,) and sold fairly quickly. I spent a few more hours here and got Zed to spawn again, but no mask on the second attempt!

    Note, the gnoll caves, to the North of zone in, also yield some very good loot and XP up until about 45. Amongst the good items you can get are: Name:  mk.png
Views: 3435
Size:  113.4 KB (dropped from random shaman gnolls,) and Name:  sabertooth.png
Views: 3430
Size:  93.2 KB (from the low 50's name gnoll; haven't tried this guy, may need some help for this one.) Both items should net you a few thousand K at least.

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    Re: Levels 1-40 Solo Luclin Cash Making Guide

    Thank you

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    Re: Levels 1-40 Solo Luclin Cash Making Guide

    High 40's/level 50: Acrylia Caverns

    It's no surprise that Acrylia Caverns takes the high 40s/level 50 spot for best money making zone. What you may not know, however, is some camps are often vastly overlooked; primarily this guy:
    Name:  d09cc8ce203ca3bb7178ece178cee323.jpg
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Size:  70.4 KB

    He spawns just before the AC Inner click In (only true contested camp in AC,) and is very easy to pull with pacify.

    I wiped this guy out no problem and got the Blackened Acrylia Blade 4 times in just a few hours. Make sure to save the blade until its at least 4k in bazaar and you will make serious profit!
    This is also a great spot to level in the mid to high 40s as trash drops high value runes and 150 plat weapons. In addition, there are various quests off random drops that have high plat rewards (8 pristine acrylia items will net 750pp from a Grimling quest reward.)

    Happy hunting
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    Re: Levels 1-40 Solo Luclin Cash Making Guide

    Anyone know of some good luclin farm spots for a 60 necro or a 60 chanter can do? Or if need be a solid group?

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    Re: Levels 1-40 Solo Luclin Cash Making Guide

    Sorry for the late reply Sl00tx, here's an update to the thread that might help you!

    50-60: Cazic-Thule
    Located off of Feerrott, this old school zone has been revamped to a mid to high 50's zone that makes Blackburrow trains seem small. With that being said, Once you master a certain camp, or spot in Cazic-Thule you are set for some insane cash crops while yielding not bad AA XP.

    Dropping off of common mobs, even located at entrance, you soon will find that Cazic-Thule is the bread and butter of end game tradeskilling. With Tae-Ew armor being quite good, and in high demand, people will buy the following items from you in Bazaar, often at 100-200p a piece.

    Name:  tae ew blood vial.png
Views: 1631
Size:  839 Bytes (Tae Ew Blood Vial)

    Name:  meat.png
Views: 1632
Size:  1.8 KB (Chunk of Meat)

    These items not only stack but are common. After about 3 hours of easy-going camping, I got enough blood vials and chunk of meat to score 8k in the bazaar (and quick.)

    If you have a tank, puller, and healer you can easily do the following camp once you get a hang of the setup:

    Name:  enraged disciple.png
Views: 1638
Size:  87.7 KB

    Like most things in EQ, the named is a pushover in comparison to normal mobs. The problem with this camp is getting there. Located one floor above the throne room, you often will get tons of adds while attempting to set up.

    My suggestion for setup:

    Looking at the throne in the throne room, hug your right wall. There will immediately be a door in front of you. Without going in this door, if you go into the corner, this will be a 100% safe spot. While setting up camp, it may be a good idea to bind your cleric here in case you get a train and die.

    When starting the clear to the enraged disciple, do not begin with the 3 mobs in the room following the safe spot. This will cause you to aggro at least 5 mobs (3 in the next room, 2 in the following.)

    Also do not fight at the safe spot, you can Z axis adds and get 5-10 mobs. Instead, from the safe spot, invis yourself and your team. Facing the door, turn left and run until you hit the wall. Once you hit the wall, turn right until you are in a corner.

    This is an additional safe spot and by far the BEST spot you can start clearing to this camp. Begin with the two mobs in front of you (pacify if you don't have CC,) and start clearing. Pull back to this spot until you have cleared the 3 mobs in the room (behind the first safe spot door.)

    Once the 3 mobs in the room are clear, move into this room.

    DO NOT fight in this room! I have gotten Z axis adds pulling to here! Instead, move directly into your next room and kill the 2 mobs located in this room. DO NOT go up the stairs yet! You can pull 5-8 mobs. Instead, while peering up the stairs with your camera view, wait for a walker to walk down the top set of stairs. Once this walker is gone, pull the two mobs located in the room above you to your current location.

    Upon killing those 2 mobs, immediately move into the room above you. DO NOT go up the additional staircase! Wait for the walker to walk back down the stairs and kill the walker. Once the walker is killed, the named room will be your next door in front of you. Pacify and kill the room (if the named is up you could score a

    Name:  shield of striding.png
Views: 1633
Size:  951 Bytes (shield of striding,)

    Upon clearing out the named room, hug your right wall. There will be 3 more mobs in the next room. Kill/split these mobs. Move into the next door. You will enter a hallway. This is what I call a "relative safe spot." This hallway will only get you aggro from one single mob (the walker you killed earlier.)

    I noted that the respawn time of all the mobs, including the walker + named is about 15 minutes.

    This is a quite active camp. I found it by far easiest to keep everything cleared the second it spawned so everything was singles. I would pull back to the hallway every time. Your walker should always spawn first. Following that, the two mobs in the room with the staircase will spawn. Next will be the named room with the 2 adds. Then it will be the room directly in front of the hallway, with three mobs. If you keep these 10 mobs cleared, you will ALWAYS have singles!

    It's important to write down the time the walker spawned to keep track of when you will be expecting aggro from it. The walker will spawn in the room with the staircase, walk through the named room, then into the hallway that you reside in.

    I would highly suggest setting up camp not in the first corner when you immediately enter the hallway, but to round the corner and set up there.

    The reason behind this? If the walker spawns and walks to the hallway while the 3 mobs are up in the adjacent room, it will train 4 mobs on you. Instead, if you are around the corner (in the hallway) the walker will aggro by itself.

    Once you have done this kind of crazy set up, you will be in cruise control to mastering a camp that could net you 5-6 krono or roughly 50-60k every 15 minutes if you are lucky.

    After camping this camp for about 3-4 hours, I got one shield. Maybe I was unlucky, or maybe the shield is rare. With that being said, in one night of camping I scored not only a SOS but also 8k worth of vials and meats.

    Good luck and happy hunting!

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    Re: Levels 1-40 Solo Luclin Cash Making Guide

    Wanted to bump this post and share that the Shield of Striding camp can be done solo if you do it right. The shield still sells for 60kpp which is over 2 krono worth. In all my months of on and off farming, this camp has never been contested.

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    Re: Levels 1-40 Solo Luclin Cash Making Guide

    Geez, instant levi. I want it for my main ;p

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    Re: Levels 1-40 Solo Luclin Cash Making Guide

    Bump with Luclin being out on Agnarr

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    Re: Levels 1-40 Solo Luclin Cash Making Guide

    Thxs for the tips, very much appreciated.

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