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    MQ2Nav is the updated version of the old MQ2Navigation plugin, heavily rewritten and updated by brainiac. The coolest feature is the 3d overlay to display the entire navigation mesh!

    This project consists of two parts: The MQ2 Plugin (MQ2Nav.dll), and the Mesh Generator (MeshGenerator.exe)

    To make a mesh, open MeshGenerator.exe.

    First time opening MeshGenerator, you will have to select your EQ folder and the MQ folder. For EQ, use the base everquest install folder, typically Sony Online Entertainment->Everquest or Daybreak Games->Everquest. For MQ, be sure to select the Release folder.


    /nav [save | load] Save/Load settings.
    /nav Reload Reload Navmesh.
    /nav Recordwaypoint <waypoint name> <waypoint tag> create a waypoint.
    /nav Target Navigate to target.
    /nav X Y Z Navigate to coordinates.
    /nav Item [click] [once] Navigate to item (and click it)
    /nav Door Navigate to door/option (and click it)
    /nav Waypoint Navigate to waypoint.
    /nav Stop Stop navigation.
    /nav Pause Pause navigation.
    /nav ui toggle displaying the in-game user interface

    Common issues:
    "mq2nav won't load"
    Download and install the latest Directx drivers for win 10.

    "the zone is too big so I can't make a mesh"
    try changing the tile size.

    Discussion thread:
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