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    Requires Plugins:
    • MQ2Cast
    • MQ2MoveUtils

    Optional Plugins:
    • MQ2EQBC

    What it does:
    • Nukes!!!
    • Meditates
    • Uses Mounts

    Basic use
    1. Assign a group or raid MA
    2. Load the plugin if it's not loaded (/plugin mq2afnuke)
    3. /nuke resume (start the plugin)
    4. /nuke memorize (if you like my spell set - optional)
    5. Pull something
    6. Watch it melt.
    7. If you want stuff to melt faster: /nuke doburn on

    /nuke on|off -- Enable/disable the plugin w/o unloading it
    /nuke pause|resume -- Pause/Resume nuking (resume Enables and unpauses the plugin)
    /nuke pauseonzone on|off -- to pause the plugin (or not) when you zone
    /nuke loadini -> reloads the settings from the .ini
    /nuke saveini -> saves the current settings to the .ini
    /nuke manualassist -> Do not automatically assist group/raid assist and nuke...
      /nuke start -> Start nuking current target when manual assist is on. (Stops on mob death)
      /nuke stop -> Stop nuking current target when manual assist is on.
    /nuke assistat # -> Assist MA/MT when mob reaches #% HPs (default 99)
    /nuke stopat # -> Stop assisting MA/MT when mob reaches #% HPs (default 0)
    /nuke harvestat # (to set mana percentage to cast harvest)
    /nuke harvest on|off -> (on by default) To make harvest independent of domed... So, you can domed off, and still use harvest/mounts if you like.
    /nuke memorize -- to memorize level 105 wizard spells (not set up for other classes/levels):
       Dichotomic Fire
       Ethereal Fuse
       Ethereal Skyblaze
       Ethereal Rimeblast
       Cloudburst Stormstrike
       Shocking Vortex
       Claw of the Flameweaver
       Wildflash Barrage
       Bucolic Gambit
       Quiescent Harvest
    /nuke mountitem "Mount Item" -- Sets mount item to click
    /nuke mount "Mount Item" -- Same as mountitem
    /nuke domount on|off -- Indoor detection is unreliable, so I'd suggest leaving it off or letting a macro manage mounts.
    /nuke domed on|off -- Automatically med between mobs
    /nuke medpct # -- Med at # Mana
    /nuke dummy on|off -- To test spell weave on a Combat Dummy.
    /nuke doburn on|off to turn off Burn AA usage (currently, wizards, enchanter, druid...)
    /nuke campfirerez on|off -- Enable clicking back to campfire
    /nuke doaanukes on|off -- Enable/Disable AA nukes (they're not free any more...)
    /nuke help -- Show plugin help
    /nuke settings -- Show plugin settings
    Crypt of Sul/Decay:
    Run before zoning in:
    /nuke harvestat 50
    /nuke harvestat 45
    Then, before/after zoning out:
    /nuke harvestat 75
    By default it should assist the group/raid MA, and nuke... It will not cast while invis/IVU are up (just in case)

    Support thread here:
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