MQ2AutoCamp - This plugins watches for a characters death (that is, have Revival Sickness) and it will camp your toon to the desktop to prevent your rez timer running out. If you get a rez, zone manually, or use /autocamp to abort MQ2AutoCamp cancels the current countdown. If you die again it'll start the countdown again. Every minute that passes during the countdown to camping it displays a popup warning for 30 seconds and lists the current countdown info to the chat window.

/autocamp :: Lists command syntax
/autocamp load :: Loads ini file.
/autocamp save :: Saves settings to ini. Changes DO NOT auto save.
/autocamp on|off :: Toggles camping to desktop when dead. Default is OFF
/autocamp endmac on|off :: Toggles /endmac before camping. Default is OFF
/autocamp endmac whendead on|off :: Toggles /endmac as soon as dead. Default is OFF
/autocamp startmac on|off|clear|set macroname :: Toggles /mac macroname after rez. Default is OFF
/autocamp abort :: Aborts processing the currently detected death.
/autocamp wait # :: Number of minutes to wait before camping to desktop. Default is 15.
/autocamp status :: Shows the current status.