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    To be deprecated. This plugin is being replaced by MQ2Nav.

    MQ2Navigation -This plugin uses functions from Recastnavigation and AZone2 to create a reduced mesh representing traversable geometry and locates the shortest path between two points. It also utilizes certain functions from MQ2EQDraw for object clicking.

    /Navigate load
    /Navigate save
    /Navigate target - move to your target
    /Navigate X Y Z - move to location (X,Y,Z)
    /Navigate stop - stop movement
    /Navigate item - move to your ItemTarget
    /Navigate item click - move to and repeatedly click your ItemTarget (Useful for ground drops)
    /Navigate item click once - move to and click once your ItemTarget (Useful for Forges, Pottery Wheels, etc)
    /Navigate door - move to your DoorTarget
    /Navigate door click - move to and repeatedly click your DoorTarget (Useful for zone doors)
    /Navigate door click once - move to and click once your DoorTarget (Useful for scripted doors)

    Top-Level objects

    ${Navigation.Active} - (Boolean) TRUE if moving to a destination.
    ${Navigation.MeshLoaded} - (Boolean) TRUE if successfully loaded a navmesh for the current zone.

    EQNavigation - is a separate program that is used to generate the zone mesh files

    EQNavigation GUI Usage - Build and Save a Zone Mesh

    1. Open EQNavigation.exe. Its included in the Redguides Compile and should be in your Macroquest2 folder where you update your files.
    2. The first time you open EQNavigation.exe it will ask you to locate your EverQuest and Macroquest2 folders.
    3. Click the 'Choose Zone...' button to open the zone list.
    4. Select a zone from the zone list to load the geometry.
    5. Modify the build settings accordingly.
    6. Click the 'Build' button once the zone has fully loaded.
    7. Click the 'Save' button once the zone has fully built.

    Mesh Creation Configuration Notes:
    • The more complex the zone, the higher resolution you need to navigate.
    • Mesh creation process will take anywhere from seconds to an hour depending on your computer speed and resolution size of map.
    • Maps are saved to your /Your Mq2 Folder/MQ2Navigation folder you designated.

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    tinmar current updates && additions
    Mikko Mononen for Recast and Detour
    EQEmulator team for Azone2
    Ieatacid for MQ2EQDraw
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