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    We have revived and updated an old plugin MQ2Notepad.
    Thanks Sym for your help.
    This plugin is a very simple in game file editor for small macro or ini files in your macro folder.

    To use MQ2notepad
    1. Copy MQUI_NotepadWindow.xml to your Everquest/uifiles/default or custom ui folder. - This file is included in the current compile in the Release/UIFiles folder.
    2. /Plugin MQ2Notepad - This plugin is included in the current compile.

    /notepad <filename> - open file for editing
    KissAsisist will be using this plugin in ver 4.5.4 so you can edit your kiss ini file in game. If you load the plugin you can edit the file currently by making a hotkey.

    /notepad kissassist_${Me}.ini

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