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    MQ2Combat - This is one of the plugins that MQ2Melee was based. It is very basic. Auto-assists, auto join group, attacks, sticks and basic combat skills kick, taunt, etc.

    /auto combat command. 
    /combat help for more info
    /combat ability [#] [ability name or number] - Set ability to use."
    /combat ability 1 or /combat ability kick (not sure, for all I know it's /combat ability 1 kick (insert own number and ability))
    /combat assist [off|<name>|<hp%>] - Set assist."
    /combat assist off (turns off assist)
    /combat assist Sumdumbtoon 80% (would set assist to sumdumbtoon at mob health 80%)
    /combat dist [#] - Set max distance"
    /combat dist 100 (would set max distance of 100units. Max distance for when it will engage mob, anything further causes attack to be turned off)
    /combat follow [off|<name>|<distance>] - Set follow"
    /combat follow Sumothertoon 150 (woulds set bot to follow Sumothertoon if they are more than 150units away)
    /combat group [on|off] - Enable/disable autogroup on invite."
    /combat group on (auto accept group invite)
    /combat group off (default... does not auto accept group invite)
    /combat on/off - enable/disable combat plugin"
    self explanitory.
    /combat reload - Reload INI settings"
    reloads character mq2combat ini settings
    /combat save - Save INI settings"
    saves the settings you currently have to your INI, replacing old for current character
    /combat stick [on|off|<param>|clear] - Set to use /stick command"
    turns stick on and off
    /combat stick on Param (Param is % of your mele distance to stay within when in combat. '/combat stick 70%' seems to work best.
    No idea what clear is for)
    /combat stick off (disables stick to mob (moveutil))
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