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    MQ2Events - Ini-determined, event driven.

    /event <load|delete <name>|settrigger <name> <trigger text>|setcommand <name> <command text>|list>

    /event : Display syntax and examples.
    /event settrigger <name> <trigger text> : Create custom trigger.
    /event setcommand <name> <command text> : Create custom command.
    /event load : Reads INI file.
    /event delete <name> : Deletes a specific event by name.

    Ini file name:
    MQ2Events_CharacterName.ini i.e. MQ2Events_Bob

    trigger=trigger text
    command=command to execute when triggered

    ini example entries
    trigger=#*#says out of character, 'cc#*#
    command=/if (${Zone.ID}==703) /ooc Beget Cube
    trigger=#*#says out of character, 'camp check#*#
    command=/if (${Zone.ID}==703) /ooc Beget Cube
    trigger=|${Target.DisplayName}| has become ENRAGED#2#
    command=/attack off
    trigger=#1# tells you, #2#
    command=/tell relaytargetname ${EventArg1} told me, '${EventArg2.Mid[2,${Math.Calc[${EventArg2.Length}-2]}]}'
    trigger=#1#To join the group, click on the 'FOLLOW' option, or 'DISBAND' to cancel.#2#
    command=/timed ${Math.Calc[3+${Math.Rand[4]}].Int}s /keypress ctrl+i
    trigger=#1#To join the raid click the accept button in the raid window or type /raidaccept.#2#
    command=/timed ${Math.Calc[3+${Math.Rand[4]}].Int}s /raidaccept
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