MQ2CharNotes - This plugin lets you add a PC or NPC comment to a character. It will display the comments from the ini file when that mob/pc spawns or enters the zone. It will display the current targeted player or NPC comment in the HUD.

/charnote - Currently targeted PC or NPC will have the comment assigned to them, and be displayed as requested
If the target is a corpse, it will assign the comment to the live PC or NPC it belongs to.
If the comment already exists, it will update it.

/charnote delete - Will delete the comment from the currently targeted PC or NPC. Currently will only 'clear' the comment and not actually remove the name from the INI file.

/charnotepos <x> <y> - Assigns the position of the comment in the HUD

(With "a rabbit" currently targeted)
/charnote This guy's foot isn't so lucky anymore! - Would add the comment "This guy's foot isn't so lucky anymore!" to any "a rabbit" NPC's in zone.

(With "Bob" currently targeted)
/charnote This guy rocks! - Would add the comment "This guy rocks!" to PC Bobb
/charnote -delete - Would clear the comment from Bob, leaving Bob's INI entry
/charnotepos 200 500 - Would change the current HUD location of the comment to x200 y500

INI File Config Settings
CharNotesPosX=200 - Current HUD X-Axis Location
CharNotesPosY=170 - Current HUD Y-Axis Location
ShowInChat=on - Toggle Showing Comments in Chat
ShowInHUD=on - Toggle Showing Comments on HUD
MaxNotes=200 - Maximum Number of Possible Comments