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    MQ2Bucles - This plugin adds while and do bucles (loops) to macros.
    /while (<condition>)
    /endwhile  - Executes a bucle(loop), evaluating the condition on each iteration.
    /until (<condition>) - Executes a bucle(loop), evaluating the condition on each iteration but on first one.
    /break - Stops a /while, /do or /for bucle(loop).
    /continue  - Stops a /while, /do or /for bucle(loop), reevaluating the condition.
    MQ2BuffTool - This is also a plugin that will click off buffs automatically, but includes some logic to decide what to click off.

    TLO Added
    ${Block.Ready} (bool Plugin Loaded && InGame && Bloc Enable)
    ${Block.Quiet} (bool Always true or NULL if plugin not loaded)
    ${Block.Popup} (bool Should i Popup Msg on Spell Block?)
    ${Block.Count} (int # of buff in bloc list)
    ${Block.Total} (int # of buff blocked so far)
    ${Block.Spell[X]} (int # of free slot for a spell -1 not found)
    ${Block.Maxim[X]} (int Maxim # of Buff (1=buff,2=song,3=pet))
    ${Block.Avail[X]} (int Avail # of Buff (1=buff,2=song,3=pet))
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