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    MQ2AutoSize - Shrinks anyone in range down to minimum allowed size.
    They will revert back to normal when they move out of range. These effects are CLIENT SIDE ONLY!
    /autosize              - Toggles zone-wide  AutoSize on/off
    /autosize dist         - Toggles distance-based AutoSize on/off
    /autosize pc           - Toggles AutoSize PC spawn types
    /autosize npc          - Toggles AutoSize NPC spawn types
    /autosize pets         - Toggles AutoSize pet spawn types
    /autosize mercs        - Toggles AutoSize mercenary spawn types
    /autosize mounts       - Toggles AutoSize mounted player spawn types
    /autosize corpse       - Toggles AutoSize corpse spawn types
    /autosize target       - Resizes your target to sizetarget size
    /autosize everything   - Toggles AutoSize all spawn types
    /autosize self         - Toggles AutoSize for your character
    /autosize range #      - Sets range for distance-based AutoSize
    (Valid sizes 1 to 250)
    /autosize size #       - Sets default size for "everything"
    /autosize sizepc #     - Sets size for PC spawn types
    /autosize sizenpc #    - Sets size for NPC spawn types
    /autosize sizepets #   - Sets size for pet spawn types
    /autosize sizetarget # - Sets size for target parameter
    /autosize sizemercs #  - Sets size for mercenary spawn types
    /autosize sizemounts # - Sets size for mounted player spawn types
    /autosize sizecorpse # - Sets size for corpse spawn types
    /autosize sizeself #   - Sets size for your character
    /autosize status       - Display current plugin settings to chatwnd
    /autosize help         - Display command syntax to chatwnd
    /autosize save         - Save settings to INI file (auto on plugin unload)
    /autosize load         - Load settings from INI file (auto on plugin load)
    /autosize autosave     - Automatically save settings to INI file when an option is toggled or size is set
    Data is saved to MQ2AutoSize.ini
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