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    MQ2AASpend - This plugin automates AA spending. This is very useful if you are running afk macros and your aa's fill up.

    MQ2AASpend has been completely rewritten from the ground up to be a NON-ACTIVE HACK and OMG it has an INI file too.


    /aaspend - Lists command syntax
    /aaspend status - Shows current status
    /aaspend add "AA Name" level - Adds AA Name to ini file, will not purchase past level. Use M to max out available levels.
    /aaspend del "AA Name" - Deletes AA Name from ini file
    /aaspend buy "AA Name" - Buys a particular AA. Ignores bank setting.
    /aaspend brute on|off|now - Buys first available ability on ding, or now if specified. Default
    /aaspend auto on|off|now - Autospends AA's based on ini on ding, or now if specified. Default
    /aaspend bank # - Keeps this many AA points banked before auto/brute spending. Default
    /aaspend load - Reload ini file
    /aaspend bonus on - only buy AA that aren't autogranted. A powerleveler's best friend!
    /aaspend order 12345 - Set the order of the tabs to be spent when brute force is on. 1=general,2=archetype,3=class,4=special,5=focus

    /aaspend order 32541 - Brute force mode would buy all AAs in this order Class, Archetype, Focus, Special, General

    ini file same as MQ2Melee server_Toonname.ini i.e. tunare_Bob.ini

    0=Mystical Attuning|8
    1=Combat Agility|10
    2=Combat Stability|10
    3=Natural Durability|M
    4=Physical Enhancement|M
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