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Thread: Triple SC for 24 hours

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    Triple SC for 24 hours

    Get Triple Station Cash on 4/28/12 ONLY!
    Runs midnight pdt to midnight pdt. With wal-mart cards that's 6k sc for $15.

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    Re: Triple SC for 24 hours

    I am going to get a few of these, but was wondering if we still earn loyalty points and get the 500 a month free SC with the Non-recurring SC subs? I've never not been subscribed with a credit card so not sure if I want to spend SC on a subscription. It seems like the best way to go though, esp if you're tight on cash like me most of the time. These days you can never be too careful with your card info too. I remember the Sony hack that shut things down for a while. I'm still going to go to the store tonight and get like 4 or 5 sc cards but wanted to know what we lose as a result of buying the non-recurring SC subs.

    Thanks for the info on the sale!

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    Re: Triple SC for 24 hours

    I don't think you do, at least mine have not. I did a 3 month sub using station cash couple months ago and I haven't seen the bonus. Some were saying if you have an existing credit card on file and just added the time using the station cash you got the bonus, but I don't know if that's true.

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    Re: Triple SC for 24 hours

    Also, I have been getting some loyalty points but I don't know how fast you should be getting them if you were subbed vs not.

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