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Thread: easy afk aa

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    easy afk aa

    ok this is for 70 to 79. is a spot in PAW where there are alot of wanders. You can sit afk with a merc tank and collect aaxp all day. Its about 9-13% aa and the class 2 xp pots and a merc at lvl 75. The locs are 512.16, 40.09, -54.22 I hope this helps some people out like me who are in iraq and go on missions all day but still want to get some xp. I hope this is in the right spot also lol first time posting here.

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    Re: easy afk aa

    nice find ! lol at 80 its about 1.5 % exp a kill on AA tho well, not the exact same spot because htats camped by some AFKers and i dont wanna disturb them

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    Re: easy afk aa

    New back to the game... what zone is PAW

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    Re: easy afk aa

    infected paw off of the karanas

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    Re: easy afk aa

    Paws used to be low level zone until a few years ago when it was revamped to 70+

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    Re: easy afk aa

    anyone confirm if this is still working? just reactivated yesterday and i'm in school for the summer.. this would be H-O-T

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    Re: easy afk aa

    yeah it is... the zone hasnt changed...

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    Re: easy afk aa

    ok so i'm trying this at 71 and my merc is getting wrecked on single mobs.. any advice? i have no idea what i'm doing

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    Re: easy afk aa

    are you trying it solo? you need 1 merc tank and 1 merc cleric at least

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    Re: easy afk aa

    yes i'm trying it solo as it says in the OP:

    Quote Originally Posted by overgrower View Post
    You can sit afk with a merc tank and collect aaxp all day.

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    Re: easy afk aa

    I think that's assuming you're a healer with a heal macro, or you have another toon with a Cleric Merc.

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    Re: easy afk aa

    gotcha.. well i'm having fun roaming around with a heal-bot in paw.. excellent xp at 71

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    Re: easy afk aa

    if you have the cash i suggest getting a melee account running, some form of melee char... and get them up to 65-70 and get a war merc, and use an assist mac and assist off the merc so you can go afk and kill stuff.

    I got a 77 war 77 monk 81 bard 81 bst, and i go AFK in here with clr merc and tank merc for days... clean up the 30 AA i have saved every 12-14 hours or so, not bad for AFK

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