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What is a RedCent? What's the "Thanks" button for?

What the hell is a RedCent? I don't want a single dirty red cent from you!

Too late, you might already have some. Look in your RedCent Wallet or your avatar. This fellow here has 18:

(thx 4 ur img, thx!)

I'm intrigued! How do I get more of these RedCents?

Wow, you're rather mutable. Three ways:

  1. Click the reputation-40b.png "Thanks" button below a great post. (Level 2 users only. Earns 2 RedCents each. Please only "Thank" helpful posts.)
  2. Receive reputation-40b.png "Thanks" when you post something awesome. (Level 1+ users, i.e. everyone can receive. Earns 10 RedCents each.)
  3. Purchase them. Cheater. (Purchase them on the credits page by clicking "purchase".)

Level 1 users: Generally if you help people in the questions forum, or you post a nice little strategy, you'll get RedCents. If you get 5 "thanks" you'll have 50 RedCents, in which case you can buy Level 2 - where earning RedCents is much easier.

Level 2 users: To earn RedCents quickly, click "Thanks" on posts you find helpful. Authors always appreciate it, and you're rewarded with RedCents too.

What else can I do with RedCents?

RedCents are our primary method of rewarding good information, and rewarding you for being nice enough to click "thanks". Using them for any other reason defeats their purpose. For example:

Good usage:

  • You reward an original, informative post with a Thanks (which earns them 10 RedCents, and you 2 RedCents).
  • You reward someone's very funny post with a Thanks (10 RedCents for them, 2 for you).
  • Someone answers a legitimate question and you reward them with a Thanks (10 RedCents, 2 RedCents... get the idea?).

    Bad usage:

  • You give a RedCent because you like their name.
  • You give a RedCent because they're sexy.
  • You trade RedCents with other users.
  • You give RedCents to people you like, regardless of the post content.

    All RedCent transactions are reviewed by a bored admin. It's a horrible job and often times the admin will go postal on RedCent abusers. Don't give the angry man a reason to go after you.
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    I just got banned from your forums. What should I do?

    Seek out the “Self Help” section at Barnes and Noble.

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