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Read, comprehend, THEN reply:

Before pressing the reply button, read the thread. It's annoying to see the same questions being asked over and over.

Search First

Before making a new thread, try a search or two to see if the topic has already been covered.

Don't post crap.

We mean it. Is your post helpful, funny, or interesting? If not, DON'T POST. For example, "Make unlimited gold!!" tells us nothing. I could kill a level 2 beetle non-stop for 30 years and make thousands of coin. If you want to post about making money, tell us how much and how long it takes.

Keep your drama for the stage

Drama threads aren't funny, interesting or informative. That means they're crap. For example, the guy who says "GOODBYE I AM NEVER POSTING AGAIN" never really leaves. The end result is a pointless drama thread, so don't blame us if we hold you to your word.

Trolls defined and squashed

A troll is someone looking to start arguments for the sole purpose of making people angry. For example, if there were a thread titled, "Paladin PvP strategies" a troll would reply "Paladins suck!"
Hilarious. Please don't be that guy.

Sorry, no porn here

Having porn on this site means a shitload of paperwork and loss of advertising opportunities. So as much fun as it is to look at naked people and touch your wiener, there are probably 3 or 4 other websites that have naked people on them that you can visit. Please don't upload any.


Please use common sense when exchanging goods and money. There is unavoidable risk in every transaction, and there is no way to 100% stop a scammer. To reduce risk, check icon_positive.png feedback scores (and who exactly left feedback), look at their post history, look at join dates, and do your homework.

After every deal, click "Rate Transaction" to help others.

Some users have had their identity verified by staff, and will display this emblem:


This means Redguides has checked their:

1) Phone
2) Social Media
3) Photo Identification
4) Paypal

as valid and unique on this site. However, RedGuides does not guarantee or endorse their identity and services.

All users have agreed to a list of rules before viewing the bazaar forum. A copy of those rules can be found here: Bazaar Rules

Biting the hand that feeds

Those who contribute good material are not obliged to answer your questions or meet your demands. You are welcome to provide constructive criticism and ask for help, but do not expect ANYTHING from those who provide good material. This sort of negativity can destroy communities.

No Multiple Accounts

You may have one (1) account, unless it is cleared by an admin. For example, if you'd like to post something in the bazaar under a different name, let one of the Bazaar moderators/admins know so they can clear you for a 2nd account. We're lenient - if you have a good reason let us know. If you don't warn us beforehand, don't blame us if we take action after the fact.

Get your own damn account

Account sharing is not allowed. If your friend wants an account, stop being a cheapskate and get him one.

Keep it legal

You may not post anything illegal. Don't post warez / cracks / keys or links to sites that provide such things. Don't post copy-written material. We appreciate compiled programs, but if the program is protected by the GPL you must include the source code.

No spam or blatant advertising

If you have a website you want to push, go buy a banner somewhere, or spam a forum that isn't this one.

Don't harass the staff

They all have the power to ban and punish you. If you make it a goal to get under their skin, they'll likely find a reason to punish you, which is now easy for them due to this rule. Constructive criticism is fine, however.

Non-factual facts or bogus exploits

Ha ha, an elaborate fake strategy. You're the first guy to ever think of that, please never come back. If you're posting an idea or a rumor, make it clear that you haven't tested it yourself.

No virii, backdoors, trojans

Please make sure your programs are run through a virus scanner before you post one. You can get one at If we detect a malicious program, our assumption is that you did it on purpose, and the result is a permanent ban.

Respect private information

Do not spread level 2 or higher information elsewhere. Respect your fellow users private information as well - don't be an internet detective, don't post their pictures or contact information - even if it's posted somewhere else publicly.

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