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Can I pay a different way?

Sure! There are several ways to pay. Also, keep in mind that gaining free access is simple: just write something that EQ players will find helpful, post it to Public Knowledge, and you'll earn our currency: Redcents (read about it here).

1) Parcel us a Krono. Private Message "Redbot" and he'll give you more information.

2) Buy Redcents on this page. (you'll have to click the amount under "currency" for the payment option to pop up)
After that, buy a subscription with your newly earned redcents here.

Will I be banned from EverQuest?

Caveat emptor: This site is not associated with Daybreak Game Company LLC. Use of the free, open-source MacroQuest software, other software found here, and certain strategies may be against their TOS/EULA.

From our experience since 2004, we don't know of a single player banned for simply using MacroQuest, so long as they avoided active-hacks (which we don't support) and were not AFK. We maintain our "Very Vanilla" MacroQuest compile with safety in mind, as we use it for our own accounts we've been playing since '99.

It should also be noted that automating a video game character is not against any law.

I have monthly access, can I upgrade to yearly?

Yes, but to avoid being double charged, please cancel your monthly subscription first.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Canceling a subscription is in your control via PayPal.

To find and cancel your subscription on PayPal, log into your paypal account, and select the "History" tab. Scroll through until you see your Redguides sub. Click on details and you will find the ‘cancel subscription’ option. Once you’ve clicked this you’re done! Hooray! Burn in hell, RedGuides!

What is your policy on spam?

We hate spam as much as you do. We mean it when we say, "RedGuides will not sell or distribute your information to any other company. Ever." If you don't believe us, use your junk email instead.

I paid and still do not have access. What is wrong?

99% of the time this happens, it is because you used Paypal's e-check feature. You have to wait for the check to clear.

If you're impatiant, log into paypal and look at your history to determine when your e-check will clear.

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