• KissAssist 10 - Creature from the Black Lagoon Edition

    Your group becomes a monster from the deep! KissAssist adds full underwater functionality.

    Instructions/Settings Info Click Here

    Current Features

    • Supports all classes for DPS Melee, Caster and Bards
    • Supports any level character
    • Set up characters to Pull, Tank or Assist others.
    • Select Player, Mercenary or Pet as Main Assist
    • Toons can follow Main Assist, remain stationary or return to anchor spot after mob dies.
    • Pets supported
    • Keep all buffs up Auras, Group, Self, Pet and Clickys
    • Creates an ini file for each toon
    • Separate Melee and Casting DPS settings.
    • Single Buff section for ease of use supports Spells/AA's/Items
    • Single DPS section for ease of use Spells/AA's/Items/Discs
    • Auto Mana/Endurance med detection depending on class.
    • Med settings to turn ON/Off and percentages to Start/Stop
    • Separate Bard twist setting for combat and non combat
    • Single Heal section for ease of use. Heal with any class or your pet
    • Loot mobs and set up what items to keep. sell, or destroy via ninjadvloot and separate loot.ini file
    • Auto accept rez if turned on via MQ2Rez
    • Auto accept party Invites
    • Auto accept trades from other players/toons
    • Mount support AA or Item.
    • Mez mobs feature
    • Auto detect progression servers and set variables accordingly for features not yet available. i.e. Extended Target Window.
    • Commands to turn on/off major features i.e. healing, mezzing, melee etc.
    • Basic mercenary control - Define when merc attacks.
    • Supports Attack Buffs
    • Supports Autofire
    • Rez players
    • Auto revive Mercs
    • AFK Tools - Inspired by AHTools
    • Burn Section
    • Pull mobs ini file support
    • Ignore mobs ini file support
    • Mez Immune ini file support
    • Recognition for players on Zek server
    • EQBC message support.

    K.I.S.S. Assist is our macro for all classes/levels for exclusive use of our subscribers at RedGuides.com

    Requires plugins* MQ2Cast, MQ2Exchange, MQ2Melee, MQ2MoveUtils, MQ2Posse, MQ2Rez, MQ2Twist (Bards), MQ2Gmail, Extended Target Window and ninjadvloot.inc file.

    * All plugins are included in our compile.

    Ninjadvloot.ini is included with the Official Compile

    Official release thread: