• The Red Guide to MQ2Nav

    In this MQ2Nav guide, you'll learn MQ2Nav's initial setup, usage with KissAssist, and a few common issues.

    What is MQ2Nav?
    It's unarguably the finest piece of code you'll find on this site, written by @brainiac.

    The simplest explanation is that it allows you to navigate EverQuest. It's more reliable than /follow or /find. For example, rather than walk around Plane of Knowledge, you can tell MQ2Nav to find a vendor, banker, or whatever NPC you wish and it can walk you there.

    Used in conjunction with KissAssist, it makes your puller's life much easier.

    Initial Setup: Building a Mesh
    MQ2Nav is included with the Very Vanilla Compile at RedGuides. To get started, open your MQ2 folder. Find "MeshGenerator" and run it as administrator.

    If it's your first time opening the Mesh Generator, it'll ask you to find two folders. The first is the Everquest directory. This is by default installed under Users > Public > Daybreak. Point it to your parent EverQuest folder, not a random folder inside. After you do that it'll ask you to locate the MQ2 Release directory, which you should do. On Redguides, the default location is Users > Yourname > Desktop > MQ2 > Release
    If you find this folder correctly it'll make a MQ2Nav folder as seen in the picture below:

    Confirming your setup
    The MQ2Nav folder is where all of your meshes will be saved, and this is important, as MQ2Nav needs a mesh for each zone you plan to use. If there is a second MQ2Nav folder inside your first MQ2Nav folder it means you fucked up and nav meshes are being saved inside the MQ2Nav folder inside the MQ2Nav folder. You got some inception shit going on. Double check your folders to make sure everything is correct, or else you won't be able to load any meshes in-game.

    Moving on..
    Next, pull up Mesh Generator and select "File -> Open Zone" to bring up the box below:

    Select your zone by expansion or type it in to find it. After you do this it'll load the mesh in the generator, like in the picture below:

    (if it doesn't load, you likely have the EverQuest directory wrong)

    On the right-hand side select "Build Mesh". Give it a few moments as it builds the mesh and then when it's done, select "Save" on the left-hand side. The mesh should save to your MQ2Nav folder.

    MQ2Nav with KissAssist
    Now, in-game type the following....

    /plugin mq2nav load
    /nav reload

    It should say "MQ2 nav: mesh successfully loaded for <Your Zone>."

    If you're running KissAssist, it should begin working immediately. If not, restart KissAssist. If it still doesn't work make sure it's successfully loading the nav mesh, /nav reload and if it is loaded; then there is most likely an issue with the mesh itself.

    That's all there is to getting MQ2Nav to work with Kissassist. Have fun!

    More Information
    MQ2Nav Plugin Commands:


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    1. etherealmist's Avatar
      etherealmist -
      Redbot, could you add the link to the article in the MQ2Nav plugin post? Also, I think it would be a good idea to include what roles MQ2Nav works in with Kissassist.

      Love the post though, so much easier to just link that article to people rather than trying to explain each step one by one haha.
    1. Bingles's Avatar
      Bingles -
      Sorry for the stupid question - but how does it interact with KA? For example, if i set it up per the above but make no other changes/settings etc, would it assist my puller find a path around an object for a pull?
    1. Kyle's Avatar
      Kyle -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bingles View Post
      Sorry for the stupid question - but how does it interact with KA? For example, if i set it up per the above but make no other changes/settings etc, would it assist my puller find a path around an object for a pull?
      Build the mesh, then type /nav reload, it should say "mesh successfully loaded for "xxxx" zone." Then it will make it's own path and pull.
    1. Eq_Dna's Avatar
      Eq_Dna -
      this is a great post.
      Thank you.
    1. mroutlaw's Avatar
      mroutlaw -
      when i try to make a nav mesh for just the area i am camping it always says fail to find start point, i figured with a small mesh it would work better and have more complete mesh but it seems its impossible to do this?
    1. eqtrader74's Avatar
      eqtrader74 -
      Try using the "/nav ui" command and turn on "show mesh." It will let you look for missing tile areas and find a better place to start your puller.

      If that doesn't work, you can try resetting/adjusting the sliders in the MeshGenerator and rebuild your mesh. Camps with a lot of obstacles nearby like fences/rocks/cliffs are more work to make work.
    1. metsu's Avatar
      metsu -
      i tried /plugin mq2nav load and it says "Plugin 'mq2nav' could not be loaded.

      what's wrong ?