• MQ2Gmail - NEW!

    Just when you thought the summer couldn't get any HOTTER. This is HOT!
    Chill though because this is So Cool.
    Redguides always bringing you something new.
    Redguides always bringing you what you want.
    After months of development we proudly present MQ2Gmail.

    All you need is a Gmail account and you can tell MQ2 to Email or text you using the NEW /gmail command
    DEAD and want a text?
    /if (${Me.Hovering}) /gmail "I died. Get back over here and rez me"
    Level 95 and time to move to a better XP zone and want an email?
    /if (${Me.Level}==95) /gmail "Hey everything is green and I Need XP"
    Want a text if that GM pops by?
    /if (${SpawnCount[GM]}>=1) /gmail "Hey dummy you are about to be banned"
    Read all about it here