• Auto Cleric 1.0 Released by Noobhaxor

    After 5 iterations and years of work, Noobhaxor had created the most efficient cleric macro for both raids and groups: FastHeal. If your guild boxed a cleric that outhealed you, odds are it was Noobhaxor's work.

    Any normal person would be happy with this achievement, but Noobhaxor isn't your average noob. He's spent hundreds of hours creating a cleric macro that will not only out-perform all of his previous works, but also be as easy to use as a mercenary. Auto Cleric 1.0 has landed.


    No setup and no configuration required. Target and run.

    Improvements over Fast Heal
    • Intelligent Group Heals
    • Bug fixes for Epic Shield / Quiet Miracle
    • Various Nuke / Heal Optimizations
    • Bug Fixes for Yaulp
    • Auto-Configure (Duh!?)

    Mana Related
    • Gift of Mana Support
    • Yaulp / Mount Auto-Cast for Mana Regen
    • Quiet Miracle / Vetrikua's AA

    Heals Used
    • Group Heals
    • Epic Clicks
    • Burst of Life / Divine Alteration / Burst of Life
    • Plugin based casting
    • Pet Heals
    • Timed Heals (Promised Line)
    • Double Remedy Spell Support
    • Ward Healing Spell Support

    Cleric DPS (REQUIRES Manatonuke below 100%)
    • Double Nuke-Heal Support
    • Smite of the Wicked
    • Heal-Nuke Casting
    • Strieght DD Nukes

    • Group and Self Buffs (Unified Credence, Auras, etc...)
    • Tank Buffs (Shining Defense Line)
    • Double Aura
    • Symbol Text buff (Buffs anyone within 100 units that says "symbol")
    • HP Buff Text support (Buffs anyone with level appropriate buff that says "hpbuff")
    • Divine Intervention on Main Tank

    • Aggro Control - Will use Santuary AAs / Divine Peace / Click off Touch of Divine on death
    • DA Logic
    • Auto-Revive Merc on Death

    Grab it in our Macro forum here: