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  • EverQuest Players <3 RedGuides

    Always updated, Empires of Kunark, TLP servers and emulators!

    RedGuides is made for people who want to play EverQuest. No coding knowledge, no fussing with "MacroQuest2 compiling", no skills required. Watch our video guide, install, and play.

    Before jumping in, there's just one question to ask yourself:

    What Type of RedGuides User Are You?

    If you're new to all this, then perhaps you're an...

    Add-on User
    You don't want to break any rules, but you know Everquest lacks "add-ons" like WoW and other games.

    RedGuides helps you run EverQuest with all the normal add-ons you'd expect in today's MMO's.

    • DPS (Damage Meter). Find out how much damage you're doing in a fight. Also works on your group: find out who's slacking and who's dominating.

    • Plat value displayed on each item. Know what to destroy, what to bag.

    • Bazaar Trader. Have a lot of items to sell? This add-on will check market prices automatically, and even set them for you.

    • Spawn Alerts. Set up an alert for the mob you've been waiting for.

    • Pop-up blocking. Drowning in "gold" feature popups on your free account? Turn on our popup blocker to play EQ ad-free.

    • A Better Map. Make EQ's map more informative, with mob and player locations included.

    • 80+ add-ons. We call them "plugins", and we have a lot.

    If you're looking for a little more, perhaps you're a....

    Normal User
    You'd like a little more help beyond "add-ons", and want to save yourself from constant clicking and carpal tunnel syndrome.

    • Looting / Selling. Set which items should be sold and destroyed, and sell to vendors automatically.

    • Clickies, abilities, and buffs. Tired of keeping track of all your clickies, abilities, and buffs? Have them reapplied automatically when they wear off.

    • Melee & Casting assistance. Save your wrists while increasing DPS.
    • Tradeskills. Have bags full of junk to combine & destroy? Do it with one click, rather than thousands.

    • Leveling Up. Make a level 51 character in a few minutes, and have him do your bidding.
    • Healing assistance. Too groggy to be an uber healer? Get some help with a bit of auto-curing and healing, while you work on more important things, like chatting.

    Do you play more than one character? Then you should consider becoming a...

    KissAssist User
    You're short on time, or you run multiple accounts at once, and would like some serious help from RedGuides.

    • Bot - KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid!) can play any character for you. It does everything on every class: heal, tank, pull, cc, or DPS. Need to catch up in levels or AA's? Want to run a second (or sixth) account? Turn on KissAssist, edit one easy file, and let it do the work. It can run as many characters at the same time as your computer can handle.

    "i am not very computer savvy, i love the fact that Maskoi's Kiss assist is "safe" for those of us casuals who want to play and box more effectively without worrying about being busted every 10 minutes. I dont use MQ2 to push any boundaries or cheat anyone else, i use it to make the most of my limited play time and have fun on the chars i have. Thats what Kiss assist does very well" - JackDaniels

    • Realistic movements & combat. Using our pre-made zone files for MQ2Navigation, you can watch as your character automatically moves around trees, rocks, walls, and even opens doors.
    • Manage all of your characters from a single device, including iOS and Android. You can check on your characters while you're on the go, and even issue commands.

    Main-Character Safe.

    Our "Vanilla" compile has never had a ban wave. Ever.

    No matter what type of RedGuides user you are, you can be certain that our MQ2 compile is made for safety.

    We love our toons whose /played goes back to 1999 - and our community loves theirs just as much. No active hacks are allowed near our vanilla compile, which is why it has never experienced a ban wave. We use a customized version of "MacroQuest2" (a free, open-source program) and re-compile it every patch.

    Community First.

    If you're an active, positive member of RedGuides, Level 2 membership can be free, among other perks. Guide writers, macro authors, or anyone who can answer questions will receive "Redcents" from other users, which can be spent on free Level 2 subscriptions, forum upgrades, and even RL loot (gaming keyboards, expansion packs, video cards, etc.) - all paid for by our paying members. Every Level 2 member contributes to the community, and all types of contributions are respected.

    • Save money. Make plat using our strategies section, which has helped hundreds become financially successful in EQ (click for evidence.) Use your plat to buy Krono, and stop paying for subscriptions.
    • Our community prides itself on building the largest macro selection on the internet, while at the same time being newbie friendly with a focus on teaching others.

    Join RedGuides. Level 1 access is free, Level 2 is as low as $6.65 per month, and much of that money will go back to the community.