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Redbot: just want to know if there is something up with the MQ2 program? I have just come in logged on and there is no MQ2 when I log into the Char Screen. Has the system Crashed?
You may need to start the program again. Go to the install directory and click MacroQuest2.exe
assassin macro

i'm getting the same message you were about the not memorized spell. what ability did you end up finding you were missing?
i dont remember man that was a while ago
get some sleep east coaster :) you on tomorrow... my Boy has a wrestling tourney… I need to leave here 9 AM PST for a couple of hours… after that, I will be resting my hip on EQ again haha
You posted this on my profile lol
Having Trouble with updating/logging into site. Not sure how to contact Admins!
thank you, I loaded your INI and will check it out. I am in shards and want to pull up to 1000 away... any adjustments needed for that ?
I do all my pulls manually. I would assume you would increase the range in the pull section.
I noticed I was charged on my CC for my annual renewal earlier this month. I'm not currently using the program, could you please cancel my subscription. I hope you can refund pro rata from my request today also.
I was wondering if you still plan on making that video about doing task/quest with multiple character using MQ2 ?
Can you please help me with my shaman? I can't get him to work at all.
I've not used your optimize yet. been afraid to dive into it, although it seems interesting. I wonder about the mq2eqwire piece you included in this last update though. EQMule charges for that functionality, have you considered that he may be unhappy with it being in an include, and he's not getting any fundage for that usage? We want to continue to support and encourage him to update the fine work he does.
If MQ2EQWire isn't available those commands won't do anything for you. My macro is designed to provide the best performance for your background instances and, simply put, EQWire has had the largest impact on the resources that EverQuest uses.
There's a note at the top: "| RECOMMENDED: MQ2EQWIRE, be sure to donate to the devs!"

I should clarify that that means "be sure to purchase it to support eqmule!"
Don't know what to do. Hmmm
Couple of days left of my holiday so making the most of it. SK spell list will be ready for Wednesday.
Having a nice night with the wife.
can you link me your current 110 cleric ini? I was using your 1004e15 but cant find it anymore
Welcome to redguides ;-)
Thanks so much!
I received your payment btw.
EQMonkie has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.

Please delete some messages.
Your message box is full - you need to delete something so I can send info! =)
your inbox is full....
I am probably the most retared person on here trying to use this . but if I can help please feel free to ask , ill do my best .
Good morning,

I am trying to contact you via private msg but your inbox is full. May i ask if warrior has Augs?
Hey don't look under my skirt...
hey man, need you to clear some space, inbox full.
Your inbox is full.
its been out several hours now, ehm, just run updater, the second I clicked thanks to ur donate post was the second u gained pre release access.
Hi Eqmule,

how is patch coming along.. :)
hey still doing PLs? lvl 92 char on bertox
Hey man, your inbox was full but wanted to let you know I removed my bard post until it's transferred at a later date. Will repost then.
full inbox.
ya man i remember waiting patiently for a new compile and getting excited when i saw ya log in , glad to see you back :0
I'm glad someone does! lol. I had my main and backup hard drive die within 24 hours of each other in an old computer and lost them all, as well as the scripts and tools I used to use to make the compiles easier. But, didn't really need any of that anymore, just sad that it all went poof.
havent seen ya in ages, im a hoarder so still have a ton of your old compiles :)
yo clear out some space bro , wanted to know if you have a Sk for sale