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Discussion - Zone .cfg files (1 Viewer)

Dec 24, 2021
I've been working on xome zone .cfg files and I thought I'd post what I use in my config files and get some input from others.

So far, my standard commands are:

/SetWinTitle ${Me.Name}.${EverQuest.Server} (Lvl:${Me.Level} ${Me.Class}) ${Zone.Name} ${Me.Instance}
/docommand /keypres F1
/docommand /${Me.Class.ShortName} pause off
/docommand /end
/docommand /boxr chase
/docommand /keypres Num_5

The above commands are what I use to zone in to the guild hall. A lot of the same commands are used in other zones.

I also use: /docommand /autocamp on when I am running MQ2Grind in an instance.

I've searched around the forums for a command to tell my RGMercs toons to load the macro when they zone in, but I haven't found anything that works. Right now I am using:

/bct ToonNameHere //rgstart

Of course the problem with that is, every time a character zones in to the zone, the target character repeats the same command - regardless of whether the character is even in that zone. Anyone have something similar they are using that I can use to copy and paste?

Anyone else have some interesting commands they want to share?
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Feb 3, 2006
I start and stop lua based upon the zone.

and Autosize sizeself and autosize sizepc depending on the guild lobby, Kael and other zones that have big steps.

ingame.cfg is where I start my lootly, quickhud, Magellan, cbb and /macro overseer.

in guild hall.cfg I have it move forward 10 steps so it doesn’t auto click the door to sunset village.
Dec 24, 2021
Took me a few weeks, but I finally have something that works when I zone in certain classes of characters...

/if (${Me.Class.ShortName.Equal[CLASS]}) /bct CharName //COMMAND

I use this to start RGMercs when I zone in to some instanced zones.

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