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zbot question (1 Viewer)


old and salty
Sep 28, 2005
I used zbot up until I wrote kissassist to replace it. I was considering updating Zbot but was to omuch of a task. Can't really do anything now because MQ2 is still too buggy. I can help with it after the compile is working.
Jun 9, 2008
hey there i actually complied my first time last night was amased at how generic it is without you guys:)
anyways what i typically do is set up 3 mages and what ever else i decide in group and have the cleric and enchanter outside with another mage
zbot doesnt seem to do all i would like as in buffing and maintaining buffs and healing with different things besides greater heal, however i believe thats just because how the ini files i have are set up , if there is a better macro to use to automate i would love to be enlightented :)

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