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Funny - You know you're a dumbass when (1 Viewer)

Dec 21, 2020
Switched to days.. up at 4 am for work... almost brushed my teeth with polysporin... yep...

About an hour ago i found a way to completely reset all my passwords and stuff. and delete a ton of stuff off my computer. again, this was completely unintentional with consequences... I have to relog onto everything and reset my stuff and put new pw's in that i will forget tomorrow. this included RG. I logged in to discover im no longer paid and go no red cents lol... had to just find my log in and relog in. but yay, i am back and fixed. and this does not change the fact that i am most absolutely a dumbass.

May you all have better days lol. Wife is on the other side of the planet and i just realized i cant even function as a human male without her... This is not something I would wish on anyone lol. its humbling and embarrassing. ( may she never find out )

I wake up at 4. so.. good night even though its still nice and sunny out. this should be some good sleep heh.

Feel free to make me feel better about myself tomorrow by posting stuff that made u feel like an imbecile. I mean, we all have those days lol
Share the pain, share the laugh

Feb 27, 2022
OK, here it is, guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself.
I sideswipe a post in my truck and has to go into the shop for bodywork which takes 3 weeks.
Rental car reimbursement is not part of my insurance so rental car is costing me out of pocket.
Gas is almost 5 bucks a gallon.
I get out of this little car that I am not at all accustomed to and rush into the office.
I realize at end of day that i can't find the car key where i normally keep it.
I check the car and see the key in the switch. Whew.
I get in car and it won't start.
I realize that I left it idling the parking space all day and ran it out of gas.
So I'm stuck at work and have to call a rescue from AAA, because I'm way to embarrassed to tell my wife this and have her come to my rescue.


Jun 28, 2014
I have left my wife’s car running a few times and only realized it as I was walking away. My car automatically turns off, so it’s an easy mistake.
Oct 7, 2015
Just Saturday I helped my wife unload her van after dark, I turned on the dome lights and forgot to turn them back off. She was going somewhere on Monday and discovered she had a dead battery. I just went out this morning and disconnected the charger which has been trickle charging since Monday!
Apr 1, 2020
I recently pissed off my girlfriend. At the dinner table the kitchen phone range and I heard a lot of yelling and cussing. So I handed the phone to my wife and said its for you.

Aug 12, 2018
Got on the elevator on floor 2 - me and another guy. Pressed button. Started tapping foot when it seemed to move but doors did not open. Started looking at emergency procedures when the guy in the elevator said:

You going to push the button for the first floor?

I had just pushed the same button for the floor we were on. Tried telling the guy that I used to be blonde under my gray hair.

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