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IRL - YATYT (Yet Another Thank You Thread) (1 Viewer)

Jul 21, 2021
I've came back to EQ on and off since 2020, with my first adventure being on a TLP with an old high school friend that I grew up playing EQ with. Unfortunately, his time became crunched, and so I fell off until the new TLPs this year. Unfortunately the hacks are out of control, namely entire guilds warping to bosses to prevent other guilds from OW loot.

I discovered RedGuides through Almar's site, which I had been using to look for places to tribox in with my mercs on my old live server. I eventually learned that the mercs simply weren't enough, so I backtracked, created three more accounts, and filled in the gaps. Since that day, I have been having the time of my life using macros to assist me in playing these six characters simultaneously, with me gleefully swapping between playing the enchanter, monk, tank, and cleric where necessary. If a named is barreling down at the group, I quickly tab over to the warrior and stack him up, then to the cleric, hit my stop macro hotkey, and make sure the healing goes smoothly. Once it dies, I go right back to pulling with the monk :D

I wanted to thank you for keeping this project alive, as it had renewed my interest in EQ when I was on the edge of quitting again due to the toxicity of the TLP community. I also want to thank those that create these INI files, as they've immensely helped me in determining what DPS abilities are most suitable whilst manually playing the character, and are insanely addictive to tweak!

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