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Software Xackery's MySEQ Fork/Continuation


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May 17, 2015
I took the 2015 code @eqmule had open sourced in sourceforge and forked it https://github.com/xackery/myseq/releases

I just released a prototype version.

A big feature I wanted and inspired me to work on this, was an overlay mode. In the right click context menu, is the Overlay Mode option, making MySEQ stay on top, go 50% transparent, and click through. You can alt+tab or focus the window from your task bar to disable the effect.

If you have any ideas/suggestions/issues for myseq you can toss them into https://github.com/xackery/myseq/issues
Mar 23, 2018
Overlay Mode sounds cool but I'm still irrationally fearful of using ShowEQ even though the MQ2Map plugin is essentially the same. I just remember them being very ban happy and even scanning running processes.

Of course, those of us that weren't banned were running ShowEQ on a linux box that intercepted all the data packets. I loved using it in LDoN to know which route to take and save time. I'd even fake cast an eye and "scout" if I had strangers in the group.