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Wizard Levelling Guide? (1 Viewer)


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Oct 10, 2005
Hi, I'm just wondering if there are any Wizard levelling guides at all, as I can't seem to find one. Any help appreciated.


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Jun 26, 2005
the leveling guide is pretty much the same for all

the difference is the wizard can quad kite.. where most other classes can't
check out strats and cheats.. the stickies... 90% sure there is something there for ya

Feb 6, 2005
NOT MY WORK Cut and copy
but this is a guide i found

LVL 5-10

Butcherblock Mountains
Commonlands (East and West): rules all, the orcs in grouping were best xp I ever had, turn in any DF belts you find for extra experience back in town. Can kill the Dervish Cutthroats here or the orc camps.
Crushbone: Orcs here are good experience, especially if you collect quest items to hand in. You need a good group and a good spot though or constant trains can kill you.
Innothule Swamp
Qeynos Hills
Lesser Faydark
Desert of Northern Ro - Dervish Cutthroats (grouping)
Desert of Southern Ro - Watch out for mad men and the occasional ancient cyclops
Steamfont - Elementals, Drakes, Skels, Harpies, near mino cave
Warrens near the zone-in
Shadeweaver's Thicket - Nice xp solo or grouped. Great for beginning tradeskiller.

LVL 10-15

Befallen - Grouping in deeper parts, soloing.
West commonlands - Dervish Cutthroats, in group
Erud's Crossing- soloed wisps for a ton of Lightstones. Enough cash to pay for your spells, important to us first run toons.
Everfrost - grouped in the tundra
Field of Bone - solo and grouped. Can try crypts grouped, and pit solo.
Kithicor Woods during the day.
Gorge of King Xorbb - solo and small group.
Upper Guk
North Karana - all beetles
Innothule Swamp
WK- mostly bandits
Lake of Ill Omen - Solo or Grouped
Lavastorm - soloing by the Najena zone; I found this to be excellent exp
Desert of Northern Ro - soloing as much as possible and getting a derv group occasionally
Oasis - Crocs of all kinds, solo or grouped. Madmen, mummies, and lots of other monsters. Be careful of the occasional spectre though. As you get stronger you can head to the orc high way, these orcs will be good experience up until high teens.
Ocean of Tears- Sister Isle
Qeynos Sewers- Smugglers
Desert of Northern Ro - dervish groups
Runnyeye - solo, grouping lower levels.
Desert of Southern Ro- Orcs
Steamfont- Elementals, Drakes, Skels, Harpies, near mino cave
Unrest- grouped
Paludal Caverns- group from levels 10-20.
Warrens - can start to move into the tunnels
Kurn's Tower - Solo and grouped. EXP bonus for zone.

LVL 15-20

Blackburrow- Solo Elites
Dagnor's Cauldron - Solo.
Erud's Crossing, soloed wisps for a ton of Lightstones. Enough cash to pay for your spells, important to us first run toons.
Everfrost - grouped in the Tundra
Highpass - orcs and gnolls, in group
Hollowshade Moor - grouped or solo.
Upper Guk,
East Karana- spiders and dogs
North Karana- the giant beetles are very good xp and move slower than your natural speed so can be quad-kited without sow or snare, all beetles and griffawns-solo.
WK-mostly bandits
Lake of Ill Omen - Grouped or Solo, solo around windmill until about 20 and then moved closer to the Sarnak fort. At 30 i would group-kite sarnaks until 31
Lake Rathetear-Aviak guards
Oasis - Crocs of all kinds & orcs
OOT - Skellies then Gargs on Garg Isle, Gargs are a bit tough to manage solo until at least 20th. Collected a couple hundred plat in Garg eyes here. Sirens in OOT. Once you get the two spawn broken it is super easy exp. Average about 4 hours per level.
The Overthere
Paludal Caverns - grouped and solo.
Qeynos Sewers- Smugglers
Warrens - throne room and near stonebrunt zone

Lvl 20-25

Dagnor's Cauldron - solo.
Everfrost - Redwind's temple
Highkeep- grouped
Hollowshade Moor - solo. Grouping islands.
East Karana- Spiders (solo), chasm crawlers and gorge hounds are easy kills. Might even get a PBB off an Evil Eye
SK- aviaks and gnolls solo, treants grouped;
Lake of Ill Omen - Grouping at Sarnak Fort - if you're brave you can try kiting as well.
Lake Rathe- Aviak guards, solo or grouped
Lesser fay- Saben trucross little gnome in hut.
Warslik Woods
Mistmoore - yard trash solo, or grouped
Paludal - solo.
Stonebrunt - kobolds near warrens zone.
Swamp of No Hope - frogloks.
Unrest- solo or grouped
Warrens - everything solo
***Get LDoN adventurer's stone, can start doing adventures grouped.***

LVL 25-30

Beholder - Evil Eye lords – solo
Dalnir - Grouped.
Echo Caverns - grouped.
Everfrost - Redwind's temple
Lesser fay- Saben trucross,little gnome in hut
Firiona Vie - Spiders.
Frontier Mountains - Grouping at the giant camp
Upper Guk
Great Divide - Grouped and solo kiting. This is a great place to learn how to be an effective wizard in a group as well as lots of wide open spaces to kite in. It's also right next to Thurgadin making it very conveniant. High level clerics are frequently in the zone going to Velketor's Lab or other zones making rezzes easy if you die.
Highkeep- grouped,(had a fun of fun here, and learned how to be an effective wizzie in lower lvl groups)
North Karana- Bard at spires
South Karana- aviaks and gnolls solo, treants grouped
Lake of Ill Omen. Grouped or Solo.
Lake Rathe
Marus Seru - soloing or grouped
Mistmoore -solo yard trash, grouped
Netherbian Lair - grouped, solo.
The Overthere
Rathe Mts
Sol A
Split Paw- grouped
Swamp of No Hope
Unrest- solo or grouped
Walsiks Woods- Brute caves near Dalnir zone. 5 spawns none assist each other.

LVL 30-35

West Commonlands - (Valon and Colin)
Butcherblock Mountains - goblins at ruins.
Frontier Mountains - Grouped, giant camp
Echo Caverns - solo.
Lower Guk
Upper Guk -Ancient Croc
Highhold Keep, you NEED to learn group tactics inside dungeons and you can run to the guards if you have a bad group.
Iceclad - dervishes, cougars - Good place to learn how to quad.
North Karana -solo griffins
Sk- gnolls, treants
WK- Ulrich McManus
Crystal Caverns - Stay in the upper levels starting out. Once you get a better feel of the place you can head deeper. This zone has a high experience modifier.
Mistmoore- Grouped
OOT- Solo at Dwarves, three spawns, tremendous exp
The Overthere - solo and grouped
Paw- grouped
Rathe mountains- giants grouped, med/kite cyclops
Tower Of Frozen Shadow- grouped

LVL 35-40

Butcherblock- Dorfs
West Commons - (Valon and Colin)
Crystal Caverns - The deeper parts
Dreadlands - north wall grouped
Eastern Wastes - quad Ulthorks, walruses
Firiona Vie - Mobs in forested areas
Feerrott- single spectre by the fear cave
Frontier Mountains
Grimling Forest - grouping, soloing.
Great Divide - quad kiting kodiak caves, almost 2 blue's per quad Drakkel Wolves, these guys are *cake* to quad at these levels, and pre-40 give 1.5 blue bubbles per pull
Gulf of Gunthak - grouped in tunnels, village, fort.
Jaggedpine Forest - solo.
Kaesora - grouped.
Kedge Keep - grouped.
Lower Guk
Nedaria's Landing - solo animals.
The Overthere- Solo or grouped
Thurgadin - Mines with small group.
Rathe Mountains - med/kiting Cyclops; Solo Cynthia gypsy camp near lake zone. 2 lvl 39 nukes will take her out. Hill Giants are fun, feels good to kill something that size. May have too much hp for your mana pool so get a group. You offer everything a group hunting HG's needs, snares, high octane nukes and ports for easy banking. Also they drop about 40pp per kill.
Solusek B - grouped
Stonebrunt Mountains- (Solo and occasional partner)
Nurga- The first spider sets as you leave the goblin area and head into the spiders/badgers. Spawn in pairs, so you will have to break the camp(s).
Twilight Sea - Aliens in hidden valley.
Wakening Lands - giants grouped.

LVL 40-45

Butcherblock -dorfs
Dawnshroud - Solo and grouped.
Dreadlands - grouped or solo
Easten Wastes - quadding
Feerrot- single hill spec in Ferrott, cause its 5 mins which is enough for me to med, decent loot. Solo/Grouped at Spectres
Firona Vie - Drolvargs at temple.
Freeport Guards- (solo)
Grimling Forest - grouping tunnels.
Great Divide - Giants, Slow but effective exp. Sell excess heads and toes for decent cash. Drakkel Wolves: Great quadding, solid experience, and even faction. Kodiaks,When not crowded this has to be the best place. I made it through 45 in less than a week. You don't get exp for all the Ferals in 45, but with another lower level group pulling from the front of the cave it works out good. Let them pull while you're medding up then ask to pull from deeper in. You can get 4 that give exp in this way.
Jaggedpine Forest - grouping bandit camps and gnoll caves.
Lower Guk- group, Rit spawn and Zol/Dars in the hall around Frenz/Magi area
Kaesora- grouped there with same friends entire time
Kedge Keep - grouped.
Kithicor Woods at night.
Lake of Ill Omen - Bloodgill Goblins,GREAT exp all the way to 51.
Lesser Faydark- happ the magician
Mons Letalis - soloing.
Permafrost - grouped by icegiants.
Overthere- Solo
Rathe Mountains - Horribly boring but you can can solo the two troll guards for wonderful xp. Keep resistant skin, elemental armor, and steelskin up at all time or their dots might kill you. Use your Eye of Zomm to take the SK's Harm touch. If you get dotted, port to NK and have the cleric in the guard tower heal you.
RM- Solo HGs
Steamfront- solo gnome guards, watchman Halv
Scarlet Desert - Solo and occasional partner Wandering mobs include scarlet cheetahs, tro jeg, sunflowers, rockhoppers, bloodtribe guys, lightcrawlers, sun revenants (lots of hitpoints), and other alien looking guys. Good for levels 40-55 or so. May have to look around for the appropriate levels to fight (blues to 55 tend to be around the base of the mesa). Quadding is a pain in the arse, as the weird pathing in this zone tends to cause mob's to split up after grouping, take bizarre routes towards the kiter, etc.
Trakanon's Teeth - grouping.
Twilight Sea - Shadow Island solo or small group.
Wakening Lands - Giants and goos grouped.

LVL 45-50

BB- dorf merchants (quad kiting)
City of Mist - grouping.
Cobalt Scar - wyverns
Dawnshroud - solo.
Dreadlands - Solo kite pretty much everything you can find around KC. Watch out for Gorenaire. Lots of mobs make this a very nice exp spot.
Dulak Harbor - grouped.
Eastern Wastes- single savages/wooly rhinos
Emerald Jungle- near FoB zone. Solo.
Everfrost - solo ice giants by castle.
Ferrott - Cydreela near the portal, Two well timed ICs while she's buffing will take her out if your luck
Feerrot- lone spectre
East Freeport - Solo/Duo Guards
Jaggedpine - solo forests, grouping darkpaw gnoll caves.
Lguk- (solo or grouped ) (Rit spawn and Zol/Dars in the hall around Frenz/Magi area)
Hole grouped - zonein.
Karnor's Castle
Lake of Ill Omen - Bloodgill Goblins, GREAT exp all the way to 51.
Lesser Faydark - happ the magician. Now that you have conflagration, Happ Dremblefold (sp?) is the best xp you could possibly hope to find, she's in Lfay right by steamfont zone.
Mons Letalis - soloing.
Ocean of Tears- cyclopses of all kinds, get jboots if you don't already have them. Quad spectres.
Oggok- orge guards
Rathe Mountains- Kite cyclops, good pp but exp slowing down at this point.
Scarlet Desert - kite trash.
Seafury isle
Tenebrous Mountains
TD- spirocs solo
Trakanon's Teeth - soloing, grouping near OS.
Twilight Sea - Shadow Island solo.
Velks Lab - crystal spiders (grouped)
Wakening Lands - giants and armors grouped, goos solo.

LVL 50-55

Burning Woods - Quad Forest giants and wasps (Giants much easier than wasps)
Cobalt Scar - Solo then quadding wyverns. Great experience, and once you get the hang of it hardly any risk of death. Check out the quadding guide if you're having trouble. This is a popular spot so my suggestion is to pick a night when you're not doing anything the next day and come here really late in off-peak hours and just blast through 52-55 in one session. It helps to not be KoS to Claws of Veeshan. Don't touch Azureake or Yvolcarn.
Dreadlands- Singles of Increasing difficulty, kiting back to North Wall of Karnors.
Emerald Jungle. Quadding on North Wall.
Ferrott - Cydreela that NPC near the portal. Two well timed ICs while she's buffing will take her out if your lucky or TD has some nice stuff to quad I'm told also. Easiest exp u can ever get as a wizard and not bad money cause she drops cash loot items like gems and such. I make about 1k a night off her which ain't half bad. Plus i get to do some work around the house as well.
Fungus Grove - grouping, shrooms.
Jaggedpine - grouping darkpaw gnoll caves.
The Hole - Pits.
Kael Drakkal - Grouping, solo zonein.
The Grey - grouping.
Karnor's Castle- grouping and partnering at the zone.
Ocean of Tears- cyclopses of all kinds, get jboots if you don't already have them.
Timorous Deep - Solo/Quad Spiroc Provens/Watchers. Stay away from Raptors until 55.
Torigan Mines - grouped
Scarlet Desert- 53-60 solo/quading (or grouping).

LVL 55-58

Burning Woods
Chardok- Grouped
Charsis- Grouped
Cobalt Scar - quad wyverns for some exp and cash/gems
Crypt of Nadox - grouped.
Droga - grouping.
Fungus Grove - Soloing bandits (quad).
The Grey - Soloing (quadding.)
The Hole - city grouped.
Howling Stones
Icewell Keep - dwarves at zonein.
L. Faydark - Brownies, this is how I did 58-60. 2 brownies spawn every 16 minutes. The exp is slow, but incredibly easy. I could spend 30 seconds nuking, then go read my email or do things around the house. This is certainly a place to check out because its never camped. You can mark this down as one of Gem's favorites.
Maidens Eye - Quad toilers up on the zonewall. Toilers are DB till you hit lvl62. Drops centi weapons but not the longsword I think, also drops a casterwearable sleeve and condensated shadow(for fletching, easily sell for 10pp each or more on my server)
Plane of Disease - Quad tsetseian flies on the islands
Plane of Innovation - Grouping.
Plane of Justice - Grouping at zonein tunnels.
Plane of Mischief - grouping.
Seb- Grouping
Siren's Grotto - grouping.
Timorous Deep - Quadding raptors , Pretty easy kills most of the time and good exp. You can also do the raptors starting at 51, KEI would make it almost trivial these days. I had to drag them to the table and med kit sometimes but was doable. But, the agro range is alot larger at lower levels so you'll need to be very careful.
Velks Lab
Guild Raids
Dawnshroud Peaks - Those mean rockhopper guys at the cave. Go in from Netherbian, take a left, cave at the zone edge there will be 2 outside, and more inside... blue at 55. In order to quadkite, you'll have to invis and go inside to lure out 2, then grab the front 2. Apparently if the boss is killed (or some other trigger), some cavemen guys will spawn instead at that cave, until their boss is killed, then the rockhoppers are back.
Tenenborus Forest : Vampires! There are several camps of these throughout the zone, don't mess with the castle until your high level and buffed thats not a quad area.

LVL 58-60

Akheva Ruins - grouping, soloing black alien guys.
Burning Woods
Cazic Thule - grouped.
Charsis- Grouped
CoM- Goos
Cobalt Scar- (otters)
Dragon Necropolis - kite spiders.
Droga - grouping.
The Grey - Quadding (try the revenants in the corner)
Grieg's End - grouping only.
Fungus Grove - Quad bandits.
Great Divide - expedition dorf guards in the mines. pull the 2 deep ones near named and then pull the 2 at the cave entrance. If you want to keep dorf faction then quad 4 non-scout giants that roam around the same area. The flat land near the mines cave opening is a nice spot to do your kiting
Howling Stones
Icewell Keep - dwarves at zonein and can begin the pits.
L. Faydark - Brownies, this is how I did 58-60. 2 brownies spawn every 16 minutes. The exp is slow, but incredibly easy. I could spend 30 seconds nuking, then go read my email or do things around the house. This is certainly a place to check out because its never camped. You can mark this down as one of Gem's favorites.
Maiden's Eye - Quadding toilers by lake. For more information check out the quadding guide in the library.
Neriak- Solo doing Ogres/Trolls
Plane of Disease - Nearing end of Tsetseian flies, good until 60ish
Plane of Growth - grouping.
Plane of Mischief - grouping.
Sebilis- Grouped
Siren's Grotto - grouping.
Skyfire Mountains: They changed the chroma's so that they no longer stop and cast only when they get in melee range, impossible to quad them now. The only things not quaddable in that zone are guardian wurms, the chromadrac type mobs and Talendor. All mobs run the same speed, you can mix and match mob types(drakes, wurms, etc) you can even pull a named in a quad. Easy way to make some cash and get your 51-59 spells while getting some xp.
Timorous Deep- quad kiting raptors
Umbral Plains - Grouped.
Fungus Grove - AE grouping.
West Wastes - solo wolves, mammoths. Suggested have non-kos CoV faction.

60+ Note: For leveling 60-65, a large factor for where you exp is based off of your equipment. If you are well equipped the lvl 62-65 mobs could work for you 60-65. Conversely if you have a low mana pool you might want to do 60-62 mobs through 65. Basically, any of these exp spots will get you to 65, the harder it is the faster exp you will get. Also note: For solo'in in Planes of Power you should get buffs before heading to your spot, specifically KEI (lasts longer than VoQ).

LVL 60-62

*note* - Mana buffs are a must for Planes of Power soloing.
Dragon Necropolis - kite spiders.
Cazic Thule - grouped.
Crypt of Nadox - kiting by Hate's Fury.
Icewell Keep - the pits.
Inner Acrylia Caverns - grouping.
Hate's Fury - grouping.
PoNightmare - quadding trees and birds. Watch out for trains.
Plane of Growth - grouping.
Plane of Mischief - kite zonein, grouping deeper in castle.
Plane of Valor - Grouping
PoStorms frogs in the forest area. (62+) usually camped and you can only get singles.
Sanctus Seru - grouping guards, solo if mana permits.
Sebilis - soloing.
Ssraeshza Temple - grouping basement.

Lvl 62-65

Bastion of Thunder - Grouping only. Usually 64+, but you might get a group before. If you bring along a good enchanter who can charm this is very good expreience.
Halls of Honor - Quadding. The experience here is amazing. Once you get tactics down you can easily get 62-65 in a couple days if you want. See Quadding guide in library if you need more information.
PoTactics - Grouping.
PoValor: Wastelands beyond fort or various monsters throughout the zone which don't summon. Also camped pretty good so usually you only get a single.
65+ (Advanced Abilities)

Halls of Honor - Quadding
LDoN Adventures
Plane of Fire - Quadding at Tables. Hands down the best AA experience a wizard can get. For more information see my quadding guide for Plane of Fire.

.:: Credits ::.

New Guide compiled by: Gemdiver Myrcide
Original Guide by: Astacia Fierydoom
Lunal Toadsnatcher
Whizbang Dustyboots

And much thanks to everyone else who posted w/ suggestions
including Milaru, Glinlor, Castaa, and others


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Apr 29, 2007
Ahh yes, that helped immensely. I've been sitting in CS with my 52 wizzie pulling Wyverns, Azureake isn't too hard, Yvolcarn is a bit harder. Not worried about faction hits, i'm a DE and everyone hates me anyway so it's all good. Just don't pull Yvolcarn at the same time your pulling the other Wyverns, he's immune to changes in his run speed, and that makes it a LOT harder to kite them (did that once... almost died).

the leveling guide was very helpful. i've not really been trying to level my toon, just dumping xp into AA's at the moment, but curious, where would be a good place to plat farm at 52 w/o useing macros? been running through the site here since I found it, and most of the plat strategies are for 60+ it seems. any suggestions would be helpful and I apologize if my question has been answered in a previous thread and I haven't found it yet, I do use the search function frequently... :-D



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Dec 10, 2005
Lol my suggestion Find a BARD to pl ya lol take alot less time =) be a leech for a couple 23 levels =P
Feb 6, 2007
One of my favorite places to farm plat is grimling forest in the tunnels leading to acrylia caverns. The grimlings drop ethched runes that sell to venders for 1 to 10 plat each, they drop a lot of etched runes. The zone is rarely camped on my server and the kills are easy above lvl 40ish. I do not remember how much plat can be made as I have not had to farm for long time.

Another good zones for around 40ish level is the bixies in stone hive, they drop bixie meat which sells for bout 10-12 plat. At 50ish level the mesa bears and mase wolves in goru'kar mesa drop teeth and pancreas that sells for 25ish plat.


Just spent an hour killing mesa bears in goru'kar mesa, cleared the camp twice with my 49 lvl mage. Mage is equiped with TSS quested armor and self summoned focus items, I used my best earth pet (vender purchased spell). My only buff was KEI and self buffs. Collected 32 teeth (25ish plat to vender) and 14 high quality bear hides that can be sold in the bazaar.
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Distant Light

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Jul 17, 2020
Level 65 to 75. There is flexibility in this guide so tweak it how you need to fit your situation.

Zones: The Barren Coast; The Buried Sea

Quests: PoK: A SImple Task (if appropriate); The Barren Coast: Steamdrake Potions, The Abandoned Relics, Totem of Water and Fire. Each of the quests Bryden Snow offers is infinitely repeatable and pre-lootable.

Gear: Have Defiant or better. High AC/HP gear/augs are best.

Get the below list of buffs (or more if you prefer):
Righteousness - Cleric level 112 - AC/HP
Talisman of Enduring - Shaman or Druid level 114 HP regeneration
Circle of Igneous Skin - Mage level 111 damage shield
Cloak of the Rimespurs - Ranger level 112 damage shield (stacks with Mage DS)
Voice of Sagacity - Enchanter level 115 mana regeneration

Optional - Spiritual Insight - Beastlord level 113 adds lots of stuff (stacks with all the above. If it's worth doing it's worth overdoing so stack it if you can.)
SOW, SOE, or some other flavor of movement speed buff. Levitation. You don't need either but they make life a lot easier.

I bound (second bind point) myself in front of Bryden Snow (loc~ -300,-150) in the Barren Coast to pick up quests and sell to a nearby vendor when my bags were full. Pick up the Hot Zone quest if it applies as this changes periodically.

2. Take the nearby boat to The Buried Sea. Cast Invisibility and Levitate on yourself and run due East to the raptor/tiger/goblin/drake island. Bind your self in a safe spot. I bound myself on shore above the tidewater goblins at loc -1370, -3380.

3. First camp, the raptors and basilisks (loc -, -). A named Basilsk, Dreadclaw (sees invis), is here occasionally. Use your Staff of Temperate Flux to gather all of the mobs(in every camp not just this one) around the area that are raptors or basilisks. What! You don't have one! Look it up and go get it unless you have another insta-clicky that can tag all of the mobs and round them up asap. I bound my Tab key and the Staff together so each time I pressed Tab I would change targets and cast Lower Element on that new mob. In this way I spammed Tab to pull all the mobs in the camp into a train. There are roughly 10 mobs in this area. At this point I just let them hit me and cast root on the ones that try to run and then stand next to them. You can cast PB AoE's, Tears, Pillar type, or Beam spells to speed things up but if you have both Igneous Skin and Rimespurs the mobs will take ~ 7k damage each time they hit you and kill themselves.

4. The rest of the camps in the order I exterminated them are:
a. Seatail Drakes (blue color; loc -1130, -2525). These have a lot of HP so you can't let them hit you with out casting some spells to hurry the process along but you can, if you have full appropriate level Defiant gear and the buffs above, gather them all together at one time and blast them while they hit you and die on your DS.
b. Tidewater Goblins in the cave (entrance loc -1025, -2825). You can, with levitate and a run speed buff, run into the cave, gather all of the goblins here in a train and make it back out of the cave before the entrance door shuts. On multiple occasions I would be stunned twice and make it out of the door Indiana Jones style. You will need to help the burn process with these mobs too as they hit too hard and have too many hp for you to not burn them down along with your DS.
c. Tidewater Goblins on shore and along the bridge (loc -1340, -3345) including the two inside the tower at the water's edge but not in the water as that will slow you down considerably. After killing the five at this camp cast invisibility and swim into the water to see if the named goblin, Maleko, is underwater. Kill none of these as each is a potential placeholder for him and having to swim down here each rotation will slow down the xp. I found him only once in the water but all other times he was one of the five above the water either on the shore, the wanderer on the bridge or the two in the tower at the water's edge.
d. Ashwing Drakes (red color, see invis; loc -665, -3320). Only five mobs in this camp and occasionally a named. They have lots of hp and cast spells so burn these down also while they hit you.
e. A second camp of Raptors and Basilisks. (loc -185, -4125) Another easy camp. A named Raptor, Helushka is here occasionally. Repeat what you did in #3 above.
f. Sunstone Goblins. There are several camps of these red goblins. A cave entrance (these see invis, loc -150, -3790) is similar to the Tidewater Goblin cave so the same strategy is used here as there but it is easier to run in and get out of. A second camp (loc 200, -3450) avoid this as the Sunstone High Priest (non-named and always up) will debuff you. If you don't care about that then by all means its another eight (8) xp mobs. A third camp is at loc 285, -2870. This is a larger outside area where the goblins are spread out in small stone shelters, standing outside, and one that wanders into and out of this camp. Lutzan, a named Sunstone Goblin, is in this camp and from what I experienced he was only in this camp and was significantly rarer, about one spawn for every three times Maleko spawned but that may just have been the RNG. There is a fourth camp at loc -25, -2620 (see invis). It is a cave with no door and holds about six goblins.

You can do this in any order you wish but I did the Raptors and Basilisks first as from time to time I would get someone showing up for the kill quest and they would take my kills away. By the time you clear all of the camps the first camp will have re-spawned so that you will not have a break in your xp grind. In essence you are making a counter clockwise circle around the island.

5. Not all of the camps are equally easy. The Raptors and Basilisks, Goblins (either red or blue), red drakes, finally the blue drakes in that order are from easy to hardest. I suggest you use your AoE's like Tears and Beams once you get them to help you. If you do not have these spells just don't pull all of the mobs in a particular camp at once if you are not comfortable or capable of doing so.
6. Gate to your second bind point, i.e. Bryden Snow in #1 above when your bags are full or all of the quests are done. Vendor items etc. Pop Lesson of the Devoted prior to turning in your quests, gate back, start the cycle all over again.

I found myself filling my bags up close to the time my secondary gate refreshed. I tried the other islands in the zone but none could match the sheer number of mobs so close and so easy to kill. I went from 65 to 75 here AND ground out 1000, yes one-thousand, AA's (100% into AA xp after I got level 75) in about a week and got at least 30kpp in vendor items.

I hope this helps.

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