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Question - Windows 11 keeps changing RGs files to Read Only (1 Viewer)

Jan 31, 2023
I had this problem come up when I first started using RGs and modifying the kissassist_ToonName.ini files.

I went in properties and looked as was suggested and they was not read only at the time and finally the problem just stopped on it's own.

Then last night it came back so I looked and this time the .ini file did say read only so I changed it. Tried to do a few changes and it was not saving so I looked again and lo and behold it was back to read only. I looked on Web and seems this is not a unusual problem with Windows 11 and changed settings to what the articles said.

Again this morning I looked at the ini files everything was fine then I loaded RGs and hit the Launch MQ. Soon as I did that I looked at the files again and they was Read Only once more right after hitting Launch MQ :P

I am not running any 3rd party protection stuff so not sure why Win 11 is being such a pain. Never had a problem ever on my Win 10 and lower OSs.

My Question is has anyone else running Windows 11 ran into this and was able to fix and it how?

Thanks in advance :)
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Jun 28, 2014
@Trila There's only a few reasons I can think this would happen:
1.) A script is changing it
2.) You're using Windows Defender and (under Ransomware protection) Controlled Folder Access is turned on (turn it off if this is the issue)
3.) You're using another antivirus and that antivirus has folder protection (or its own form of ransomware protection).

However, if you're still having the problem -- one method to track it down is to run Process Explorer (https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/process-explorer) and filter to that folder -- you can see what is writing to it and you'll have the ability to look at specific operations.


Jul 14, 2016
Yeah I think what Knightly listed as #2 is a big contender... I've run into this with a few other games...

Windows 10 I think introduced it, but its definitely in 11.. where it wants to lock down the various Program Files variants.. and I think on more than just the C: drive...

So yeah as Knightly says, if you're using Windwos Defender, you're going to have to check its logs to see if its blocked it (you should see it in the list) and then just allow that..

OR... re-install in another folder that you make, from the root drive.. like make your own games/RG or whatever you like, but I dont think Windows will try locking it down like you're getting now..
Nov 21, 2020
Can you not make the top folder writeable WITH admin privileges and then ensure it's inherited? And/or make the owner also you/admin? Sounds like by installing where you did windows took ownership. I never install major programs in same directory/partition as windows so I never lose anything if need reinstall Windows(and this other cant be controlled by windows)

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